Sunday, November 18, 2007

of haircuts, bedhead, and finished objects...

i have the hardest time actually finishing things. does anyone else have that problem? i'll have a bag that's been done for months and just needs a handle sewn in, or a neck warmer that just needs a couple of buttons. well, i finally bucked up and finished two lovely, cozy, wonderful neck warmers today. and by "finish," i mean "sewed buttons onto." yeah, that's the way i roll. but, hey, at least i was finally able to buckle down and just get the darned things done, right? yes, that's better.

the pacific ocean-esque scholar collar!
yarn: moda dea tweedle dee in surf and turf.
needles: 10.5 US
super cute pile-of-log buttons: from jesthestar! thank you, darling!
071118. pacific coast scholar collar.

the color is more accurate in this shot:
071118. pacific coast scholar collar.

and the more stormy version. have i mentioned lately how much i like storms?
yarn: moda dea tweedle dee in thunder.
needles: 10.5 US
071118. thunder scholar collar.

i am clearly sans all make-up.
071118. thunder scholar collar.

so now for the day-to-day, life of me stuff. although it may not particularly excite or interest you, i got my hairs cut yesterday. yay for cut hairs! i really needed it. thank the heavens for my hairdresser. i love, love, love her. i actually met her when i first moved here - she was (and still is) dating one of the kids who lived in the basement apartment in my house. and now she cuts my hairs.

love, love, love.
071117. hungover haircut.

071117. hungover haircut.

killer hangover headache. i was up way too late on friday night having way too much fun. oh! and i saw a bouncer put a guy in a choke-hold for the first time ever! crazy gagging and such. yikes. anyway, my haircut was at noon on saturday, and i almost didn't pull myself together for it, that's how bad the damage was. i was sort of like a lost, little, delusional kid last night, yelling out things like, "cheese and crackers! i want cheese and crackers!" yeah... i am not proud. i am a trainwreck sometimes.
071117. hungover haircut.

and new haircut = new bedhead.
071118. new hair, new bedhead.

i really love bedhead. if only my hair would stay like this all day.
071118. new hair, new bedhead.

Monday, November 12, 2007

i just wish it would storm...

i love storms. the news people keep saying it's going to storm here tonight - lightning, thunder, nearly an inch of rain, the whole nine yards. not a whole lot has happened yet. i'm fascinated by the weather. i might have missed my true calling of becoming a meteorologist. i know how hail is formed... just because. if you slice a piece of hail in half, it looks like a jawbreaker (with all of the different layers, not all of the different colors).

storm already!

my friend, mete, just posted some adorable pictures from his party a couple of weekends ago. there was lots of pseudo-belly dancing going on, clapping, running around in circles with hands held high, etc. in other words, it was a most excellent time. although we pulled up into the neighborhood and were like, "wow... this is such a... grown-up neighborhood." we apparently are not used to grown-up neighborhoods.

anyway, here are brian, amelia, me, and mete.
cute! brian, amelia, me, and mete.

the man behind me to the left? he was the most amazing, awesome dancing machine i have ever seen. think hyperactive, ADHD-addled eight-year old dancing to turkish music. like i said - awesome.
mete's party. me, amelia, and brian.

i've started becoming a knitting hermit again with the change of seasons. it's just what i do in the fall and winter. i knit like crazy. with the holidays fast approaching, i have dreams of a handknit christmas. we'll see what i pull off between now and then. my knitting wish list has changed dramatically already, though, that's for sure.

the under water scarf. i started this as an alternative to my my so-called scarf addiction. the yarn doesn't lend itself too terrificly well to the pattern, but it's still going to be cozy, reversible, and nice looking with a little fringe, i think. knit up with moda dea tweedle dee in thunder.
071112. WIP. under water scarf.

branching out, knit up with knitpicks gossamer in caribbean. this started as a nereides scarf/shawl, but the yarn just didn't look *good* with that pattern, so i frogged it and searched for plan b. it took me two times starting this to get it going without too many mishaps, but now it seems to be going well. it does require a decent level of attention (read: don't attempt while drinking whiskey), but you can do one or two rounds at a time and set it down without feeling like you're abandoning the poor dear. i'm realizing, though, that i'm going to have to block the shit out of this little guy once i actually get to the end.
071112. WIP. branching out scarf.

and another version of my so-called scarf. i don't know who is going to get this one or the other in this colorway... i might actually end up keeping one for myself (gasp! shocker, i know). i never end up knitting anything for myself. with all the bags i have sold over the past few years, i don't actually own one. weird, huh? i just get on knitting-for-other-people kicks. once christmas is over, though, i'm setting in on some of my crazy sweater plans. that's a promise.

oh, yeah, on with the last of the current works:
071112. WIP. my so-called stormy scarf.

in other news, my cat sank a claw into my forearm as i was sleeping and trying to push him off the bed last night. ouch.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

creativity of the clothes-horse variety...

i know, this is totally not craft-related, but i had to share my new finds. and clothes and creativity are a beautiful thing when melded together, no? yes!

thomas and i took a little trip to the outlet mall about 45 minutes away from here. i can't believe i have lived here for 4 years and have never been there. it's probably a good thing i haven't, actually. my pocketbook may hurt even more than it already does.

dress from banana republic - only $30. holy crap. i love, love, love this dress.
071110. banana republic dress.

so. stinkin. cute.
071110. banana republic dress.

071110. banana republic dress.

j. crew jeans (that i actually feel cute in) - 1/2 off, so they were a whopping $35!
071110. j. crew jeans, blue sweater.

i've got to get them hemmed (just folded up right now with an old-ish pair of nine west shoes).
071110. j. crew jeans.

me and the boombox-cat and my new clothes.
071110. j. crew jeans, blue sweater.

they fit perfectly, but the crotch does a weird puckery thing. i hope that stops as i wear them - i think it will? maybe?
071110. j. crew jeans, blue sweater.

orange banana republic shirt for $13! crazy good.
071110. orange banana republic shirt.

awesome j. crew kick pleat skirt.
071110. black skirt, blue sweater. j. crew.

and for kicks - just your standard myspace-y photo.
071110. black skirt, blue sweater. j. crew.

in knitting news, i started a new project - a lace weight version of nereides in sort of electric/psychedelic variegated yarn. will post photos soon!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i'd like you to become a famous the cat patron...

it's that simple - i want my bags walking around with people all over the country. is that too much to ask? so far, i know they live with patrons in bloomington, in; chicago, il; denver, co; new york, ny; indianapolis, in; toronto, canada; and san francisco, ca. don't you want one to walk your town, displayed proudly on your arm/hand, too? i thought so.

i'm a little too lazy at the moment to do measurements and such, but i'll do my best with descriptions here. you can also click on the extra picture links to get a view of me holding each bag to get a better idea on size. and, of course, leave a comment if you want more detail on any specific bags.

on to the show! all are handknitted with different wool yarns, then thrown in the washing machine to get them to felt up. end product = nice, sturdy tote or purse for you to haul a lot or a little around. cool? cool!

name: sea dreams mini cable bag (click for another picture!)
price: $36
description: knitted from cascade 220 in green heather and turquoise blue, this bag features subtle mini-cables up both sides of the bag. super cute! if you don't buy this one, i'm keeping it for myself.
071106. sea dreams mini cable bag.

name: orchid garden bag (click for another picture!)
price: $28
description: this sweet little thing is knitted from brown sheep lamb's pride bulky in fushcia and an orchid-y color. it reminds me a little of a muppet, and it would be perfect for a night at the bar with the ladies or for running around town on a saturday morning.
071106. orchid garden bag.

name: kelp sunset bag (click for another picture!)
price: $38
description: this is a fun-shaped bag with a big, fat bottom, tapering up to the top where little black plastic handles complete it. made from brown sheep lamb's pride bulky in peacock, a bright olive green, and fuschia.
071106. kelp sunset bag.

name: striped muppets bag (click for another picture!)
price: $38
description: oh, i love this one - the handles fit together just right, and it's the perfect size for going out on the town or any other of your purse-y needs. made from brown sheep lamb's pride bulky in peacock, a bright olive green, and orchid.
071020. striped muppet.

name: october mums bag (click for another picture!)
price: $32
description: working on a college campus, the landscaping changes with the seasons. right now, it's mums everywhere you look, and i think this one was inspired by those little flower bunches everywhere. made from bartlett yarn in orchid and mustard. oh, and it's got a fun little crisscross design knitted into both sides to add some visual interest.
071106. october mums bag.

071106. october mums bag.

name: snow hare bag (click for another picture!)
price: $18
description: this was one of my first test bags. knitted from snow white and plum purple yarn, it has a cool spiral pattern that follows the entire body of the bag.
071106. snow hare bag.

Monday, November 5, 2007

my so-called scholar collar...

almost finished! all i need is two super cute, very chunky buttons (i'm thinking some sort of 3rd grade teacher cardigan, leather-covered versions), block it, then we'll be all done and ready for wrapping paper. and, yes, i believe i started this yesterday while watching football. luckily, i went to dinner before watching the colts fall at the ninth hour to the patriots. BOO!!! but, hey, at least that means they have a chance when they meet again at the motherfucking SUPERBOWL, y'all.

yeah, i'm a knitting, football-watching fiend. deal with it, suckers.

so i combined the my so called scarf pattern with the scholar collar concept and got this. i think i'm a little in love, and i also think i might make, oh, 10 more or so. if you need a last-minute christmas gift (and you knit, of course), this is the one for you.

needles: US 11
yarn: moda dea tweedle dee in surf and turf
patterns: my so called scarf and scholar collar

and here it is, 95% done.
071105. WIP. my so-called scholar collar.

071105. WIP. my so-called scholar collar.

i think the sister-in-law will get this one. my brother and SIL quit their jobs at the beginning of october (at microsoft) and decided to travel the country for a year. they'll be in the midwest for thanksgiving, out to maine and back to the midwest at christmastime, then be ski bums in breckenridge from january on. jealous much? yeah, yes, i am. however, since everything they own is in their car, i don't want to give them "stuff" that's bulky or unusable. i think this is the perfect solution - cozy, useful, yet not full-scarf-sized, so it's still easy to pack.
071105. WIP. my so-called scholar collar.

did i mention i'm jealous?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

of pumpkin launches, cider, and mexican beer...

today was my second trip to the annual bloomington pumpkin launch. there was one contraption which made us wonder if the ambulances were aware of the event and waiting in the wings - a large plastic tube, ratcheted tighter and tighter (in order to launch the pumpkin, of course), until - WHAMMO! - there it goes bending completely in half. you know, so the launch end was pointing directly at us, sitting behind the launchers so as to get the best view.

thomas was asked to be a volunteer trebuchet-er by the reigning champion of the pumpkin launch. as he stated afterwards: "that just made me 20% more midwestern in 4 minutes flat." way to go, kiddo. i joked that we might need to ship him back to LA for a weekend just so he could put his cool-city-kid pants back on for a bit. so first things first: pumpkin launch goodness, of course.

scary tube thing, which actually shot a few pumpkins at quite high speeds... when it worked.
071103. in action!

look at thomas all cute in his hardhat. apparently, when he asked why they needed to wear hardhats, the launch-conductor said cryptically, "well, we've had a few... interesting things happen in the past."
071103. thomas is 20% more midwestern now.

and the trebuchet in action.
071103. trebuchet in action.

that little dot in the sky? yup, that's the pumpkin that was just launched.
071103. stratospheric pumpkin.

as for the knitting, it goes on and on and on. although i love the sharfik pattern, i needed a little variety in my constant row upon row. i really do dislike knitting scarves... but they turn out so nicely, i can't stop, either. instead of giving up the ghost entirely, i just decided i needed to start a new one. thus, the beginnings of "my so-called (pacific-ocean-esque) scarf." i think in the fight for distance, the latter is winning.

sharfik in progress:
071103. WIP. sharfik.

i'm still not sure who is going to get this one. i'll have to decide once i'm done with it, i think.
071103. WIP. sharfik.

and the newbie... my so-called scarf, made with moda dea tweedle dee in surf and turf. this sucker is knitting up like lightning.
071103. WIP. my so-called scarf.

i'm going to have to make one for myself, too - it's so snuggly.
071103. WIP. my so-called scarf.