Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wishes for the universe...

oh, AND - this whole blog is amazing. here we have a commissioned piece of knitbombing - a skirt for a rocket, upon which people pin their messages to the universe: my fair isle.

simply amazing.

x-ray vision, apple picking, and crockpots!

i've been amassing "things that are awesome" lately. i think it's just because, in spite of killer allergies, fall is finally here.

first, though, take a look at the x-ray visions of one nick veasey (the bus is my favorite): do i look fat in this?

next up - apple picking at anderson orchard!
100926. anderson orchard.

we also found loads of these, which i discovered today is the pod for the american chestnut. talk about evolution! on a side note, i was trying to figure out what to google to find out what this was without getting *ahem* answers i decidedly did NOT want at work. "seed sack" didn't seem quite right.
100926. anderson orchard.

in food news, i just ordered a crockpot! and a vegetarian crockpot cookbook! and a whirley-pop popcorn popper! CAN'T WAIT! and i WANT THIS NOW:

and finally for this disjointed little entry: scout niblett and will oldham, "kiss." i love this video.

Friday, September 24, 2010

sometimes there are entire weeks that are pretty darn good...

this be one of them!

things i REALLY, REALLY like today:
- this amazing time lapse project of various locations in chicago - 5,300 pictures. beautiful! it makes my heart hurt! i love chicago.

Summer Sped Up (A Chicago Timelapse) from Josh Kalven on Vimeo.

- friends from long ago getting in touch to tell me they found TONS of new wool yarn for, like, 50 cents a piece at a thrift store, all in varying shades of green, thinking of me, then going back to buy an entire shopping cart of yarn to ship to me! seriously, it just made my day.

- an entire set of amazing origami on flickr, including things like this:
Thirteen Kawasaki Roses

Thursday, September 23, 2010

violently happy...

things are good! i may have a freelance gig, which is uber cool. i'm going to squirrel all that extra moola into a "christie fun fund." or maybe a "greece or croatia or italy or istanbul or germany or scotland or ireland fund." or a "moving on up to the east side fund."

and there are tons of other things i love, like my ridiculous cat and his lazy tongue:
100922. boombox and his tongue.

going to see shows and loving the opening band even more than the headliner. here's s. carey, who was amazing on tuesday here in sleepy bloomington.

nasa declaring last night's harvest moon "extra harvesty." see: the nasa blog.
100922. "extra harvesty" harvest moon (according to nasa).

100922. "extra harvesty" harvest moon (according to nasa).

Monday, September 20, 2010

the whole world is a song...

my song o' the day: brandi carlile's cover of bryan adams' "heaven" and its utterly bizarre video.

sponsored by MY NEW PRINCESS LEIA HEADPHONES! now i can ignore eileen (my favorite co-worker who, rest assured, i really don't want to ignore. i just like giving her a hard time).
100920. what an exciting day in the office. PRINCESS LEIA HEADPHONES!

also - i'm bustin' out the fall colors again! and SCARVES! ohmygoodness! (i'm also knitting a wool dress, but that's a story for another day). tonight, we bake apple pie - even though, ironically, it is 90 degrees today. whatever, indian summer.
100913. i like your colors.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

things i like, the recap...

i haven't done one of these in a while! things i have liked as of late: knitting ridiculous garments of clothing with leftover yarn.
100909. i am knitting a ridiculous sweater.

whales named mr. splashy pants!
100911. mr. splashy pants!

collecting wrist bands.
100911. indianapolis. post-bike get-together, at which i collected wrist bands.

grand monuments you can climb to the top of.
100911. soldiers and sailors monument. look at the little ships way up there!

finishing sweaters.
100908. printed silk cardigan.

camping with my nephew who doesn't, in fact, hate me (he was in need of a nap here... really).
100906. last morning!

washington state. i want to hike the pacific crest trail now.
100905. hike to the pct.

reflections on clear, clear water.
100906. our last morning. takhlakh lake, wa.

did i mention i think my nephew is the cutest thing on two legs?
100903. kisses for ben at mt. adams.

also... the tulip train trestle.
100828. rail walking.

20100828. shadows and bright, bright light.

also also, i don't have pictures of these things, but: seeing four moons of jupiter using binoculars. hanging out with neighbors on stoops, talking about movies. watching the international space station zoom past overhead. watching planet earth on impromptu sleeping bags on the living room floor. breakfast burritos. and cuddling.