Tuesday, July 22, 2008


i'm numbly angry about that whole thing.

i'll post some knitting soon. i finished a hat (gift hat, so can't post photos until after the gift receiver receives it, which would require me sewing the button on and sending it) and am working on a deep scoopneck vest/tank top. it'll be hot.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

other articles of clothing that don't fit the weather...

i finished these a couple of weekends ago when i went up to chicago for step two of my tooth fixing process. i'm making one of these for jes, then sending one up to ian, who loves it, but i'm not sure how it will look on a boy's head.
080629. creampuff hat.

clearly too hot to be wearing a wool cowl. my face looks really weird here. is that really how my face looks?
080629. aibhlinn cowl.

wedding recap.

wedding recap time! what a seriously fantastic weekend. it was in breckenridge for one of my best friends from high school, and she was gorgeous... it was gorgeous... everything was damn near perfect.

this was the house all the faraway, young, poor guests got to stay at! it was also where the reception was at, which was AWESOME when your bed was right upstairs. sarah and tanika in the kitchen on the 4th of july, the day before the wedding.
080704. sarah and tanika in the kitchen.

sarah's aunt was supposed to come and do all the flower bouquets. she has a pacemaker, though, and he heart started freaking out in o'hare. her pacemaker shocked her 9 times! in the airport! poor lady... so she was all by herself in the intensive care unit in chicago. she's doing much better, apparently, thank goodness. so we all ended up doing the bouquets first thing in the morning on the 4th of july.
080704. roses.

the most beautiful roses.
080704. roses.

the back deck where the dinner was.
080704. the day before.

mountain poppies! is that an oxymoron?
080704. poppies.

all the ladies doing the flowers.
080704. flower assembly line.

i was pretty proud of our flowers! granted, we had a lot of awesome stuff to work with.
080704. we were master bouquet makers.

tanika, katrina, and i all went into town after the bouquet making. we caught a bit of the parade and found a dress for tanika and a super cute jacket for me (which i ended up REALLY needing in the cold, cold mountains!).
080704. me and tanika in town.

that night was the rehearsal dinner/barbecue/drinking fest at daniel's parents' rented place. here's me and katrina.
080704. me and katrina.

hunsen's the cutest. a lot of these people were people i had met years ago when i lived with my parents and went and visited sarah and daniel in champaign-urbana nearly every weekend. old familiar faces!
080704. hunsen capturing everything.

yeah, this doesn't look like trouble at ALL. that's lance, simon, and mikey.
080704. looks like touble. lance, simon, and mikey.

sarah and katrina. sarah just looked beautiful all weekend long.
080704. katrina and sarah at the rehearsal dinner.

me and tanika before the wedding. i hope the photographer got some better pictures of me!
080705. me and tanika.

sarah with her mom and dad RIGHT before the wedding started! so pretty!
080705. lois, sarah, and john.

look at how gorgeous she is!
080705. post-hitched!

can you spot me in here? hint: i had bleach blond hair.
080705. picture pages.

yeah... it was pretty much stunning.
080705. more kisses.

i love this picture so much.
080705. sarah and daniel.

me and sari!
080705. me and sari.

tanika and katrina OWNING the dance floor. they kept running into everyone. hilarious.
080705. tanika and katrina owning the dance floor.

mandy and karl.
080705. mandy and karl.

spontaneous twirling.
080705. dancing queen.

the first dance.
080705. first dance.

the reception tables. the green bottles held just regular vodka, and the blue ones held "delicious awesomeness" (aka homemade vodka, aka moonshine). this was a polish wedding, after all.
080705. reception.

and tanika, sarah, and me. aw!
080705. tanika, sarah, and me.

now i'm all, "i wanna get married!"