Saturday, November 3, 2007

of pumpkin launches, cider, and mexican beer...

today was my second trip to the annual bloomington pumpkin launch. there was one contraption which made us wonder if the ambulances were aware of the event and waiting in the wings - a large plastic tube, ratcheted tighter and tighter (in order to launch the pumpkin, of course), until - WHAMMO! - there it goes bending completely in half. you know, so the launch end was pointing directly at us, sitting behind the launchers so as to get the best view.

thomas was asked to be a volunteer trebuchet-er by the reigning champion of the pumpkin launch. as he stated afterwards: "that just made me 20% more midwestern in 4 minutes flat." way to go, kiddo. i joked that we might need to ship him back to LA for a weekend just so he could put his cool-city-kid pants back on for a bit. so first things first: pumpkin launch goodness, of course.

scary tube thing, which actually shot a few pumpkins at quite high speeds... when it worked.
071103. in action!

look at thomas all cute in his hardhat. apparently, when he asked why they needed to wear hardhats, the launch-conductor said cryptically, "well, we've had a few... interesting things happen in the past."
071103. thomas is 20% more midwestern now.

and the trebuchet in action.
071103. trebuchet in action.

that little dot in the sky? yup, that's the pumpkin that was just launched.
071103. stratospheric pumpkin.

as for the knitting, it goes on and on and on. although i love the sharfik pattern, i needed a little variety in my constant row upon row. i really do dislike knitting scarves... but they turn out so nicely, i can't stop, either. instead of giving up the ghost entirely, i just decided i needed to start a new one. thus, the beginnings of "my so-called (pacific-ocean-esque) scarf." i think in the fight for distance, the latter is winning.

sharfik in progress:
071103. WIP. sharfik.

i'm still not sure who is going to get this one. i'll have to decide once i'm done with it, i think.
071103. WIP. sharfik.

and the newbie... my so-called scarf, made with moda dea tweedle dee in surf and turf. this sucker is knitting up like lightning.
071103. WIP. my so-called scarf.

i'm going to have to make one for myself, too - it's so snuggly.
071103. WIP. my so-called scarf.

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