Tuesday, January 27, 2009

sad day music...

bonnie 'prince' billy, i see a darkness.

the weakerthans, left and leaving.

imogen heap, hide and seek.

mirah, don't die in me.

ingrid michaelson, corner of your heart.

death cab for cutie, i will follow you into the dark.

palace brothers, will you miss me when i burn.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

there's some serious ugly in this place...

i've been watching a lot of project runway, season 3. i have been particularly addicted to it while knitting this scarf. i kind of wanted a break from sweater and baby knitting, so i decided a lacy, yet still warm, scarf would do the trick. it ended up being far longer than any scarf i have ever made, full of crazy ridiculous colors, and generally full of awesome (in my mind).

so i give you the serious ugly scarf, knit up with lamb's pride bulky and using the mustard scarf pattern. i love! i love!
090120. serious ugly.

ah, luscious yarn.
\090120. serious ugly.

the serious ugly colors.
090120. serious ugly.

and, of course, i decided i had to figure out what to wear it with today.
090120. serious ugly.

and... done!
090120. serious ugly.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

frozen pipes, sweaters, and sickness... all in a day's work.

i got really quite ill on thursday night into friday into yesterday. i can't even tell you how many hours i slept between thursday night and today - a lot, to put it simply. i think i'm feeling better today. i at least decided to take a shower and put myself together slightly today. of course, i had no choice but to wait until today to take a shower as my shower's drainage pipes froze while i was at work on thursday. darn cold weather! where is my summer?

all of this freezing cold/white stuff falling from the sky makes me want to a) hibernate and b) make nothing but lots of toasty warm things. i started a serious-ugly scarf yesterday, inspired by project runway and laura's usage of "serious ugly." i really do like ugly things. the scarf is this lacy, open number, but knit up with lamb's pride bulky wool in, get this, fuchsia, a bright orange-yellow, chocolate brown, and tan. yessss... we're talking serious-ugly awesomeness. after football today, i have successfully made it to the last color change, and it's going to be rad.

in finished object goodness, i have a few new things. first, i am so proud of this sweater. it's entirely wearable, cozy, and still fitted and cute. it's the boatneck bluebell sweater from fitted knits, made with cascade 220 heathers in bluish gray. i LURVE it. with a passion.
090118. boatneck sweater.

i have a prominent nose.
090118. boatneck sweater.

oh! and i got a new haircut yesterday, too. that's about all i managed to do yesterday outside of the house.
090118. boatneck sweater.

i also decided to fish out some yarn from my crazy stash of unused yarn to make a pair of what turned out to be kanoko short pants. i had dyed this yarn over a year ago in a class but never really knew what to do with such a small amount of crazy colored cotton yarn. then i realized baby pants were the perfect solution. look at how cute!
090117. kanoko short pants.

they really are THAT bright.
090117. kanoko short pants.

finally, i give you my self-portrait thursday shot from 1/15/09. starting to feel ill, cuddling with my cat, and trying to keep warm in my drafty, old apartment.
090115. self-portrait thursday. feeling ill and cold.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

self-portraits, a finished object of the nubbin variety, and back to work.

i hate to say it, but it's kind of nice being back to work. the only reason i hate to say it is because i have SO MUCH TO GET DONE in the next several months. really, there's quite a lot. however, i thrive under busy circumstances (to a point, of course). in short, it's all right being back, all in all.

i finished yet another knit for the nubbin - the ribbed baby jacket, to be exact, knit out of warm, wild, and wooly lamb's pride. i'm afraid it's going to be too small by the time winter rolls around, though, so i might pick up some stitches along the bottom and knit an extra inch or so. we shall see - i guess, if worse comes to worse and it doesn't fit the nubbin, they can re-gift it to some winter newborn.

anyway, here it is, next to me stylishly frosted old bathroom window.
090108. baby jacket.

in other news, i've started a self-portrait thursday thang. 1/1/09. i spent a lovely day in my pajamas:
090101. self portrait thursday.

1/8/09. blur + color = magic:
090108. self-portrait thursday. we have color. we have blur.

and finally... happy new year (a tad late)! this is ed and me and our second annual american gothic-esque new year's photo. be sure not to miss ed's pink socks.
081231. me and ed's 2nd annual american gothic new year's eve photos.

compared to last year's shot:
i make ed uncomfortable on a regular basis.

and this was our "everybody look in different directions" shot. oh, lovely.
081231. everybody look in different directions!

Friday, January 2, 2009

knitting for the nubbin...

this is the beginning of "knitting for the nubbin," aka the munchkin, aka the niece/nephew whose scheduled arrival date in 7/8/09. that's right - i will be a proud auntie soon enough!

the only thing i can ask with this first piece of baby knitting is: why are tiny things SO DANG ADORABLE? look at how freaking CUTE these little pants are!
081228. kanoko pants.

i used the kanoko pattern and red heart ltd. designer sport weight yarn. the yarn is perfect for these pants, even if it is just plain old acrylic. eek!!! so little!
081228. kanoko pants.