Monday, November 12, 2007

i just wish it would storm...

i love storms. the news people keep saying it's going to storm here tonight - lightning, thunder, nearly an inch of rain, the whole nine yards. not a whole lot has happened yet. i'm fascinated by the weather. i might have missed my true calling of becoming a meteorologist. i know how hail is formed... just because. if you slice a piece of hail in half, it looks like a jawbreaker (with all of the different layers, not all of the different colors).

storm already!

my friend, mete, just posted some adorable pictures from his party a couple of weekends ago. there was lots of pseudo-belly dancing going on, clapping, running around in circles with hands held high, etc. in other words, it was a most excellent time. although we pulled up into the neighborhood and were like, "wow... this is such a... grown-up neighborhood." we apparently are not used to grown-up neighborhoods.

anyway, here are brian, amelia, me, and mete.
cute! brian, amelia, me, and mete.

the man behind me to the left? he was the most amazing, awesome dancing machine i have ever seen. think hyperactive, ADHD-addled eight-year old dancing to turkish music. like i said - awesome.
mete's party. me, amelia, and brian.

i've started becoming a knitting hermit again with the change of seasons. it's just what i do in the fall and winter. i knit like crazy. with the holidays fast approaching, i have dreams of a handknit christmas. we'll see what i pull off between now and then. my knitting wish list has changed dramatically already, though, that's for sure.

the under water scarf. i started this as an alternative to my my so-called scarf addiction. the yarn doesn't lend itself too terrificly well to the pattern, but it's still going to be cozy, reversible, and nice looking with a little fringe, i think. knit up with moda dea tweedle dee in thunder.
071112. WIP. under water scarf.

branching out, knit up with knitpicks gossamer in caribbean. this started as a nereides scarf/shawl, but the yarn just didn't look *good* with that pattern, so i frogged it and searched for plan b. it took me two times starting this to get it going without too many mishaps, but now it seems to be going well. it does require a decent level of attention (read: don't attempt while drinking whiskey), but you can do one or two rounds at a time and set it down without feeling like you're abandoning the poor dear. i'm realizing, though, that i'm going to have to block the shit out of this little guy once i actually get to the end.
071112. WIP. branching out scarf.

and another version of my so-called scarf. i don't know who is going to get this one or the other in this colorway... i might actually end up keeping one for myself (gasp! shocker, i know). i never end up knitting anything for myself. with all the bags i have sold over the past few years, i don't actually own one. weird, huh? i just get on knitting-for-other-people kicks. once christmas is over, though, i'm setting in on some of my crazy sweater plans. that's a promise.

oh, yeah, on with the last of the current works:
071112. WIP. my so-called stormy scarf.

in other news, my cat sank a claw into my forearm as i was sleeping and trying to push him off the bed last night. ouch.

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