Monday, November 5, 2007

my so-called scholar collar...

almost finished! all i need is two super cute, very chunky buttons (i'm thinking some sort of 3rd grade teacher cardigan, leather-covered versions), block it, then we'll be all done and ready for wrapping paper. and, yes, i believe i started this yesterday while watching football. luckily, i went to dinner before watching the colts fall at the ninth hour to the patriots. BOO!!! but, hey, at least that means they have a chance when they meet again at the motherfucking SUPERBOWL, y'all.

yeah, i'm a knitting, football-watching fiend. deal with it, suckers.

so i combined the my so called scarf pattern with the scholar collar concept and got this. i think i'm a little in love, and i also think i might make, oh, 10 more or so. if you need a last-minute christmas gift (and you knit, of course), this is the one for you.

needles: US 11
yarn: moda dea tweedle dee in surf and turf
patterns: my so called scarf and scholar collar

and here it is, 95% done.
071105. WIP. my so-called scholar collar.

071105. WIP. my so-called scholar collar.

i think the sister-in-law will get this one. my brother and SIL quit their jobs at the beginning of october (at microsoft) and decided to travel the country for a year. they'll be in the midwest for thanksgiving, out to maine and back to the midwest at christmastime, then be ski bums in breckenridge from january on. jealous much? yeah, yes, i am. however, since everything they own is in their car, i don't want to give them "stuff" that's bulky or unusable. i think this is the perfect solution - cozy, useful, yet not full-scarf-sized, so it's still easy to pack.
071105. WIP. my so-called scholar collar.

did i mention i'm jealous?


Jes said...

OMG I have a great stash of super cute chunky buttons! I will email you pictures!!!

famousthecat said...

ooo, ooo! i wanna see 'em! i know i have buttons stashed SOMEwhere... i actually had buttons that would work perfectly for this, but i might have used them already and/or misplaced them in my massive, multiple rubbermaids of crafting supplies. i need to do a reorganization, but it would take me, oh, at least a full day, most likely.

Shallom (Editor) said...

LOVE this scarf! I liked you on Stylefinds, btw...

:) Shallom

famousthecat said...

thanks, sweets! i need to make one of these for myself, i think... but i have too many other, different projects in mind first (which is why i never seem to get around to making anything for myself). i'm not seeing the link... but i'm going to link you all (if i haven't already!).