Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i dig you...

i somehow forgot about this song. oh, how could i forget about this song?! boss hog, "i dig you."

also, this woman is amazing. seriously - she makes things like this:

and this!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"guess what i wear as a hat? a lentil..."

i absolutely love marcel the shell with shoes on: "we only fight when provoked."

and i can't get enough of this song lately. i'm a sucker for harmony - iron and wine and calexico, "he lays in the reins."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

snoop dogg is my life coach...

bringin' it way back: drop it like it's hot.

other things i like: my worm bin and my pioneering worm, juanita:
20101109. pioneer worm, taking the road less traveled.

accidental reflections of red bridges that make me look EEEEVIL:
2010, fall. 100 acres, the ima.

dressing in fall-camo - can you even SEE ME in this pic?! i didn't think so.
2010, fall. 100 acres, the ima.

the storytelling chair at the nc botanical gardens...
20101030. nc botanical garden.

in which i tell stories like this:

Monday, November 8, 2010

doggies that look like muppets and obama in da club...

this guy's photography is fantastic: http://www.timflach.com/. look through all his portfolios. the muppet doggies and delicate bat wings and elephant eyelashes are really making me swoon.

also, OHMYGOODNESS: obamas in the club.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

electric blankets and israeli reggae...

i heard reggae sung in hebrew today! and you know what? i liked it.

i also like this: "sleepyhead," passion pit.

and packing tape room design is pretty cool:

other things i like: TODAY. i like today. i spent the morning at the bloomington handmade market spending way too much money and the afternoon driving around town in the cold, clear sunshine with a good, good friend, chatting away, buying toilet paper and chocolate, and generally enjoying the world. AND i now am the proud owner of an electric blanket. time for snuggles!

speaking of snuggly, i finished a new hat on a whim. i needed some instant gratification, and this was almost too instant. i started it one night, finished it the next.
101028. fall leaves slouchy fat-ass hat.

other things i like: my new worm bin. they turn my food into magical, plant-nourishing worm poop!
101024. my worms! vermicomposting bin, begun.

my healthy army of green plants:
101024. new succulents, courtesy of may's greenhouse.

metal tree leaves: did i mention we took our first big trip out to north carolina?
20101030. the nc botanical gardens. metal gingko.

life-sized chess pieces: the horse was my favorite.
20101030. the nc botanical gardens. the horsie was my fave.

plants that eat meat:
20101030. the nc botanical gardens. ah, carnivorous plants.

flowers pretending to be globes:
20101030. the nc botanical gardens.

weddings of dear girls and boys:
20101030. "i now pronounce you husband and wife."

trees with gigantic leaves: i would like to read in a hammock under this tree every day.
20101031. coker arboretum, chapel hill. my favorite plant - chinese parasol.

blooming flowers in october:
20101031. coker arboretum, chapel hill.

the west end wine bar in chapel hill and this fantastic painting, which watched over us as we sipped:
20101031. i absolutely love this painting, found at west end in chapel hill.

adventures in crockpot cooking: butternut squash and pinto bean chili! YUM.
101023. butternut squash and pinto bean chili.

tonight, creamy potato stew is on the menu for the people:
20101106. food for the peoples.

and fresh fruits and veggies are on the menu for the wormies!
20101106. food for the wormies.

and, of course, in a list of things i like, let's not forget chris:
20101031. chapel hill auditorium.