Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a knitting post?! what-WHA?!

yes, indeedy. i've been working on the february lady sweater, which just doesn't lend itself to instant gratification. or maybe i just forgot about the stamina required to knit a full sweater. regardless, i'm a ways along, so i figured it was time to record the current state of affairs.

look at how pretty! i actually went with a more muted color than i'm used to (ahem). of course, it's still purple. knit up in cascades 220 heather in rainier.
080826. february lady sweater in the works.

and i was "commissioned" by thomas to knit up a pot handle cover. i had some noro kureyon leftover, but i wasn't sure how much... turned out it was ALMOST enough, so i doubled to work by doing two separate layers rather than holding two strands together. ah, well. just need to felt these giant wool condoms, no, i mean, pot handle covers up, sew them one inside the other, and voila!
080826. no, really. they're pot handle covers.

Monday, August 18, 2008

crying is hilarious.

i'm stuck on this song.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

don't you know that it's insane?

well, best thing i've seen so far today, at least. i've been a little obsessed with the song walcott by vampire weekend. so, as i do, i was searching on youtube for it and found this little live version gem of them playing through the streets of paris. and i recognize some of those streets, which makes it doubly cool.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

lol bush = best thing EVAR.

these make me so, so happy. thank you, guardian. thank you.

in knitting news, i am currently knitting up the february lady sweater. and it kicks all butt.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

movers and shakers...

i am all moved out of my old place, which was right up the stairs from my new, far more awesome, far more cool (both coolness-related and temperature-related) place a story down. yes, that was a little redundant.

so i've been busy. but i've also been decompressing at night by knitting (because, hey, that's what i do). in short, i decided i should share.

first, craftiness of a different variety. bedroom color before, an ugly, sterile mint green:
080802. my house has been taken over by an army of boxes!

bedroom color after, a warm, buttery yellow that will make me feel better about life even in the dead of winter:
080803. new paint job.

and now on to the knitting! i decided i had to make the blush deep scoopneck tank/vest. and, yup, i pretty much love it.
080807. proud owner of a brand new vest.

this was also my first try at intarsia. go, me! it worked out really well, and i am no longer afraid. huzzah. look at how pretty!
080807. tanky!

and look - i've even managed to get some stuff on the walls!
080807. first try at intarsia.