Wednesday, January 4, 2012

space-farm continuum: the new urban homesteading project officially launches!

get it?! the LAUNCH of the space-farm continuum? i slay me.

while this blog will continue to be my arts, crafting, and general "things i like" blog, my talented and awesome man and i decided that, with the start of the new year, we needed to get off the proverbial pot and start our new project. it was also prompted by the impending arrival of a chicken coop this weekend, followed by four baby chicks in march.

the space-farm continuum will serve as a journal, chronicle, and communication tool as we embark on becoming more and more self-sufficient in our every day lives. we are both working professionals and we live on only 1/8-acre of land, so we are limited in both our space and time, but that's part of the whole challenge.

i want to stress that we really don't know what we're getting ourselves into here... but then, when do you ever know what you're getting yourself into in life (especially if it's good)? hopefully, our successes and missteps will at least be mildly entertaining.

the chickens sure will be. follow us! the space-farm continuum

Sunday, January 1, 2012

the final days! 30+1 handknits project goes out with a bang...

what a great month december has been! excellent family and friend get-togethers, trips, vacation time at home, getting things done, setting up plans for the future... and, of course, the 30+1 handknits project. i can't believe i made it the entire month - and didn't run out of my own handknits to wear every... single... day.

people keep asking me what kind of project i'm going to do next. i'm not sure yet, but i know part of it will be a new homesteading blog (seeing as we have chickens coming in march, plans for a green-roofed shed, and a garden that's going to be off the chain in 2012). that's not really a project with a set end date, like this one, but it's where my focus will soon be, i'm sure.

for now, let's bask in the glow of a new year and bid 2011 (and the 30+1 handknits project) adios, amigos.

12/30/11. day #30, Diminishing Rib Cardigan by Andrea Pomerantz. i'm not a huge fan of this sweater (part of why i waited until the second to last day of this project to wear it). it always makes me feel like a giant, walking square. as in the shape, not as in "uncool." anyway...
20111230. day #30: Diminishing Rib Cardigan by Andrea Pomerantz

you can see where i ran out of one dye lot of yarn on the sleeves! we'll pretend like it was on purpose.
20111230. day #30: Diminishing Rib Cardigan by Andrea Pomerantz

20111230. day #30: Diminishing Rib Cardigan by Andrea Pomerantz

12/31/11. LAST DAY! day #31, Great Gatsby Dress by Mari Lynn Patrick. i still can't really believe i knitted this dress, what with its laciness and drapiness and fitting and teeny tiny yarn. to ring out 2011, we got some of the best tacos on the planet (monon food company in indianapolis), then headed over to the tap room early for a couple of fine indiana beers, then hit up the homestead for some wood chopping / fire building / cuddling action. a nice, peaceful, low-key evening to close out a truly fantastic year. 
20111231. day #31: Great Gatsby Dress by Mari Lynn Patrick

day #31!
20111231. day #31: Great Gatsby Dress by Mari Lynn Patrick

20111231. day #31: Great Gatsby Dress by Mari Lynn Patrick

here's to 2012 being a great year. my wishes for 2012 are to use more coupons, start raising chickens, and become emily haines of metric. that's not too much to ask, is it?