Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the doctor, the writer, the hairdresser...

today's jam: metric, "the police and the private."

Monday, August 23, 2010

new favorite article of clothing...

no, really. i love this thing so very, very much. and it's my first completed project in a while. made with the leitmotif pattern. pretty pretty. let's hope i don't shrink this one on accident.

my face looks stern. rest assured, i am elated.
100823. new favorite article of clothing, handknitted by moi.

extra-long arms, whee!
100823. extra long arms ftw.

also, a lesson in pattern reading: i cast on just like normal without realizing the backs were designed to match up perfectly (if cast on is done appropriately). so yeah. whatever.
100823. so what if i didn't line the back up perfectly. so what!

other things i like: boombox t. cat!
100823. boombox's imploring eyes. he's got a fuzzy on his head.

the zoo! and cheetahs!
20100821. me and chris and CHEETAHS.

and, most notably, CHEETAHS SPOONING!
100821. cheetahs spooning.

creepy and cute...

i like things that are creepy and cute. like pygmy hippopotamus! and penguins! like me! and most of my friends!

and this song and video! brazilian girls, "jique."

Thursday, August 19, 2010

it's you, it's me, and there's dancing!

los campesinos are awesome.

in keeping with my animation kick: peter bjorn and john, "young folks."

did i mention i'm going camping with this little dude (aka my nephew) in a few short weeks? in washington? i can't WAIT.
ben eats corn.

no, seriously. THIS kid! did i mention i can't wait?
no doubt.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my current jam...

gorillaz, "rhinestone eyes."

other things i love: my amazing friends. sunday tea party with sally-mander sunhat!
100815. tea party with sally-mander sunhat!

new dresses.
100818. new dress.

gifts of handknitted shark magnets!
100818. sharky, knitted magnet! so many things i love.

Friday, August 13, 2010

the perseids...

i am a fan. i have nothing more i want to say in this particular forum, other than... wow. i don't wax romantic in general these days, but last night was the most perfect night.

in lieu, i give you this. my most played song, according to itunes. magnetic fields, "100,000 fireflies." who knew? but also fitting.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

if i am lost, it's only for a little while...

band of horses, "monsters."

i live in a house that was built in 1851. i have no air conditioning. you get more attuned to the outside world by force when you live in such a situation. it rained the other day for, oh, 15 minutes. i thought it would help. with heat index temps of 108 degrees, however, that didn't quite work out. instead, i live in a sauna. however, i got a pretty smeary photo from inside my car.
100807. summer rain.

i still like people, though. fear not.
the twins' birthday party!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

post script...

aka how did i not post this already?! seriously. watch it. just give it until 3:12 and then wait for the shit to hit the fan.

"i get kinda sweet when it comes to bedtime..."

referencing the ever-brilliant "fishing with john" and the magic that is willem defoe.

other things i love: i witnessed this driving home in the hot, hot heat from a shopping trip i took pretty much just to avoid my non-air-conditioned house in heat index temps of 110 degrees.
100804. transporting tiger, as spotted on walnut street.

good friends coupled with half-priced champagne cocktails. you, too, can feel fancy for under $10!
100801. amanda, manjo, and half-priced champagne cocktails!

boombox becoming completely one with the new chair. i mean, really. this is a happy cat.
100804. boombox has become one with the new chair.

lcd soundsystem, "i can change."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

smashing cars and dumpster diving...

things that make me happy this weekend: the monroe county demolition derby!
100730. demolition derby time.

the girls' heat - they kicked some serious butt.
100730. demolition derby time!

green, hairy, spotted monsters on bicycles (won at the art hospital silent auction last weekend).
100801. monsters on bicycles.

visiting three states in one day: bloomington, in > cincinnati, oh > newport, ky.
100731. i went to three states today! walking into kentucky.

70s armchairs scooped up at goodwill. i think boombox is a fan, too. we tried some dumpster diving, too, since august 1 is the switchover day for a lot of the apartments in town. i found: multiple vacuum cleaners, various decorative wreaths, a whole chicken, a tire, a really awesome tall work table if i had a use for it... in other words, it was not too successful, but goodwill is overflowing right now.
100801. goodwill find! i think boombox likes it.

this amazingly hot song (and amazingly bizarre video).

finally, something knitting related! this sweater from the latest interweave knits is next on my "to knit" list - as soon as i finish my current knit bomb project and a cardigan i've been working on FOR-EV-ER.