Friday, December 2, 2011

day #2: 30 + 1 handknits...

today was filled with work then stringing handmade felted wool balls into a giant christmas-y garland then framing silly american gothic-esque photos for ambiance around the house then art openings with gorgeous woodcuts and pill-covered body casts and pieces entitled such things as "rich bitch" then beer and burgers at some upscale arty diner type place with 15 beers on tap. then home sweet home. MAAAAGIC.

and thus concludes day #2 of the 30 + 1 handknits project, featuring the Betty Minisweater by Hilary Smith Callis, completed in may 2011...
20111202. day #2, 30 + 1 handknits.

and a polyester button-up i got in college with an embroidered pink rooster...
20111202. day #2, 30 + 1 handknits.

and a lovely, loving LP plug thingy. what are those things called, anyway?

20111202. day #2, 30 + 1 handknits.

a happy friday to one and all.

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