Thursday, December 1, 2011

day #1: 30 + 1 handknits = a celebration of sweater weather and style...

recently, i was staring at all the handknits in my big red wardrobe, idly wondering things like:
  • when was the last time i wore that weird pumpkin-colored cotton vest with the folded over pieces that look like ribs?
  • would that shrug i accidentally shrunk still work as something you would, you know... WEAR? like, in public?
  • when will i make the time to replace those hideous, bright, plastic buttons on that otherwise uber-chic little moss green cardigan? you know, the one i never wear because it has BRIGHT, HIDEOUS, PLASTIC BUTTONS.
and the final thought: i wonder if i could wear nothing but my own handknits, a different one every day, for an entire month?  thus, 30 + 1 handknits was born.

THE RULES: this month, i will incorporate a different handknit item each day into my outfits. i'll post a picture or two (or five), along with whatever information i still have about the pattern.

i'm looking at this project as a celebration of yarn and needles, of color, of wool and cotton and linen, of the magic of how loop after loop of yarn can make something that keeps you warm... or cool... but hopefully always stylish.

plus, it's going to be just plain fun - for me, at the very least. come along for the ride!

without further ado, day #1: Rosamund's Cardigan by Andrea Pomerantz, completed in october 2009. take heed - that bear of a piece of furniture behind me is the aforementioned big red wardrobe that houses the handknits. way to go, big red wardrobe.
20111201. day 1: rosamund's cardigan.

the cat is boombox, who will likely make many a cameo.
20111201. day 1: rosamund's cardigan.

the photographer is chris, who is fantastic. in lots of ways.
20111201. day 1: rosamund's cardigan.

there you have outfit #1! and so it begins.

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