Friday, January 7, 2011

2011, the first!

first "things that are awesome" posting of the new year! happy happy!

things i like: girls that say "yumyum" after any description of tasty food encounters. as in, "the pea soup was very good, YUMYUM."

painting with maps (artist: matthew cusick):

recipes for panda bread! i almost wet myself when i saw this (visit the source for the recipe).

thierry legault's amazing international space station transit photos (his copyright language scares me a little bit, but you really should click here to see what i'm talking about... if you know what's good for you).

my new air plants and presidential air plant holder:
20110102. the plants are getting awesome.

the decorated lions at the art institute:
20101222. girls' trip to the art institute.

thinking of ferris bueller's day off EVERY SINGLE TIME i see these windows:
20101222. girls' trip to the art institute.

super fantastic 3d art:
20101222. girls' trip to the art institute.

three floyd's and its delicious beer!
20101218. three floyd's!

especially when they turned up the "mood lighting..."
20101218. three floyd's!

xoxo. here's to a fabulous year of more awesomeness.

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