Friday, December 31, 2010

ladies is pimps, too...

it's almost 2011! let's continue with the middle to latter parts of 2010, shall we? because those were awesome.

in honor of the new year and wearing a strapless dress for the second time in my life, we have jay-z, "dirt off your shoulder."

pharcyde, "drop." this video was recorded in reverse. brilliant.

you can hate if you want, but she's so darn fun to watch. and the lyrics?! i mean, for REAL?! my co-worker's eight-year-old loves this song and really thinks she has a staff of some sort with a disco ball on the end. adorable.

and a beautiful song from my wayward youth. yo la tengo, "last days of disco."

well, shoot... one more... i may have posted this already, but it's amazing. and hopeful. and sad. and perfect for a new year. arcade fire, "wake up."

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