Thursday, August 5, 2010

"i get kinda sweet when it comes to bedtime..."

referencing the ever-brilliant "fishing with john" and the magic that is willem defoe.

other things i love: i witnessed this driving home in the hot, hot heat from a shopping trip i took pretty much just to avoid my non-air-conditioned house in heat index temps of 110 degrees.
100804. transporting tiger, as spotted on walnut street.

good friends coupled with half-priced champagne cocktails. you, too, can feel fancy for under $10!
100801. amanda, manjo, and half-priced champagne cocktails!

boombox becoming completely one with the new chair. i mean, really. this is a happy cat.
100804. boombox has become one with the new chair.

lcd soundsystem, "i can change."

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