Monday, August 23, 2010

new favorite article of clothing...

no, really. i love this thing so very, very much. and it's my first completed project in a while. made with the leitmotif pattern. pretty pretty. let's hope i don't shrink this one on accident.

my face looks stern. rest assured, i am elated.
100823. new favorite article of clothing, handknitted by moi.

extra-long arms, whee!
100823. extra long arms ftw.

also, a lesson in pattern reading: i cast on just like normal without realizing the backs were designed to match up perfectly (if cast on is done appropriately). so yeah. whatever.
100823. so what if i didn't line the back up perfectly. so what!

other things i like: boombox t. cat!
100823. boombox's imploring eyes. he's got a fuzzy on his head.

the zoo! and cheetahs!
20100821. me and chris and CHEETAHS.

and, most notably, CHEETAHS SPOONING!
100821. cheetahs spooning.

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