Sunday, August 1, 2010

smashing cars and dumpster diving...

things that make me happy this weekend: the monroe county demolition derby!
100730. demolition derby time.

the girls' heat - they kicked some serious butt.
100730. demolition derby time!

green, hairy, spotted monsters on bicycles (won at the art hospital silent auction last weekend).
100801. monsters on bicycles.

visiting three states in one day: bloomington, in > cincinnati, oh > newport, ky.
100731. i went to three states today! walking into kentucky.

70s armchairs scooped up at goodwill. i think boombox is a fan, too. we tried some dumpster diving, too, since august 1 is the switchover day for a lot of the apartments in town. i found: multiple vacuum cleaners, various decorative wreaths, a whole chicken, a tire, a really awesome tall work table if i had a use for it... in other words, it was not too successful, but goodwill is overflowing right now.
100801. goodwill find! i think boombox likes it.

this amazingly hot song (and amazingly bizarre video).

finally, something knitting related! this sweater from the latest interweave knits is next on my "to knit" list - as soon as i finish my current knit bomb project and a cardigan i've been working on FOR-EV-ER.

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