Thursday, October 15, 2009

warm wallaby...

hooey! it's been a while! i have been knitting my little hands off, working on a variety of top secret christmas knits, and as a result, i haven't been posting much. no more! done! fin! nein! niet! no mas!

first, let me tell you why i had to bust through the current sweater on the needles. it was a project just for me - rosamund's cardigan in knitpicks bulky wallaby. wallaby! who doesn't love a color named wallaby? really, it's kind of a dusty brownish gray. but whatevs. wallaby! so that was on the needles, but then my mom and i went shopping. she fell in love with the following sweater at j. jill. and i was like, "dude! i could knit that!" so i went ahead and ordered yarn - and, for once, the yarn came way too fast. i had to get my own cardigan off the needles before i could start the one for my mama. so yeah... i tore through this sucker like no other.

here's the inspiration for my mom's sweater. basically, i'm doing a second rosamund's cardigan, only long-sleeved and with the front centered rather than off to the side. the color of the yarn is a bit lighter than i was hoping for - but it was the closest i could come. really, as long as it fits and she likes it, i'll be happy.
sweater i plan to copy for mom's christmas present.

and drumroll please... here is my new favorite finished object.
091015. rosamund cardigan all done.

i love this shot - i thought the self-timer was on, but no.
091015. thinking the camera was on its self-timer when it wasn't. i like this photo.

oh! and i made a ridiculous oscar the grouch sweater. the yarn reminds me of toxic waste. this came from my head - just an easy, seamless top down raglan. i wanted it to be cropped. the yarn made me think of those little fuzzy mohair sweaters chicks wore in the 50's. only, you know, toxic waste-y.
090927. oscar the grouch sweater.

i'm working on the farmer's market sweater for my sister-in-law, but i've kind of hit a wall. i'll get back to it once i'm done with mom's sweater... or once i hit the sleeves. sleeves are such a pain in the butt. i asked my bro and sis-in-law what the nephew might need - a hat and mittens. okee-dokey, says i! again, these are more or less from my own head. i love the way the malabrigo pooled in the hat into that weird psychedelic swirlie.

look! ear flaps!
091008. baby hat.

and mitts - gotta connect 'em somehow.
091008. baby mittens.

finally? proof positive that my nephew is the cutest, most ridiculous, most talkative 3-1/2 month old in the universe.


Kat said...

The Rosamund is beautifully done. I thought I liked it on the model. Now I love it and can't wait to make one!

famousthecat said...

thank you so much! i am so totally pleased with how it came out. i like how swingy and open it is - which is kind of a first for me, since i prefer sweaters and such to be more fitted. do it!