Saturday, October 17, 2009

self-portrait recap....

i realized it's been a really long time since i've posted my weekly self-portraits. yeah, i've kept up with it. i tried to do the 365 project a few years back... it went well until, oh, about march (starting the first of the year). i just don't have the wherewithal to think that i can take an interesting picture EVERY SINGLE DAY. one each week? now that i can do.

not to say these are at all interesting. but whatever. deal with it.

7.18.09. my messy, messy house, post-market.
090718. self-portrait day. me and my messy hizzy, post-market.

7.24.09. i maintain every girl needs a pair of hot pink tights.
090724. self-portrait day.

7.30.09. prettifying?
090730. self-portrait day. prettifying?

8.6.09. boombox gives you the sultry eyes, i give you the scary eyes.
090806. self-portrait day. boombox gives you the bedroom eyes, i give you the scary eyes.

8.12.09. i got my cello out of hock.
090812. self-portrait day.

8.15.09. look! i stole a benjamin! we took a walk through the park during my august trip to seattle.
090815. i stole a baby! also, self-portrait day.

8.22.09. perched at my desk.
090822. perched at my desk. self-portrait day.

8.28.09. still my favorite belt buckle of all time. i can't remember where i was going... out somewhere.
090828. self-portrait day.

9.5.09. feeling decidedly lackluster.
090905. me. self-portrait day. whatever.

9.10.09. testing out the width of my bed in nashville (it was a good foot wider than i am tall).
090910. self-portrait day. bed.

9.15.09. a caricature made of me during our work trip to nashville. what's up with my picasso-esque boob area?!
090915. self-portrait day. i am super sassy as a caricature.

9.27.09. i spent way too much money (on a pair of boots i adore).
090927. self-portrait day. new boot love.

10.4.09. what being sick looks like. there was theraflu in that mug. i'm only now starting to feel better, and my mom likes to boast that i survived swine flu.
091004. self-portrait day. drinking theraflu out of my puerto rico mug.

10.8.09. me. looking awkward. in my living room.
091008. self and knitting bags. self-portrait day.

10.15.09. i thought the self-timer was on. it wasn't. i kind of like this picture, though. why do i always put my hand in my mouth?
091015. thinking the camera was on its self-timer when it wasn't. i like this photo.

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