Sunday, September 27, 2009

oscar the grouch sweater...

finally! a finished object of the knitting persuasion! i've been working on so many little things that i haven't actually finished anything in quite a while. this guy was knitted up from my own head. it started as a cowl, then i realized i a) had a lot more yarn than was needed for a cowl, b) it would be REALLY ITCHY on the neck, and c) it was screaming out to be some sort of sweater instead. so i ripped it all out and went for it.

090927. oscar the grouch sweater.

i knit it initially with the thought that the outside would be the inside - but then i decided the reverse stockinette showed off the funky yarn a lot better than plain old stockinette, so i went inside out with it. purty.
090927. oscar the grouch sweater.

the length - a short little sweater for wearing over other things. maybe dresses, too. that'd be a good look, don't you think?
090927. oscar the grouch sweater.

in other news, we had a lovely fall LUPEC yesterday (that's "ladies united for the preservation of endangered cocktails"). look at these lovely ladies (and this is only a small fraction of the awesomeness).
090926. lupec! me, laura, amelia, and meghan.

natasha took some glamour shots. i like this one.
090926. lupec! glamour shots.

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