Thursday, August 20, 2009

oh, hello, old friend...

things have been a little surreal lately. a little bizarre. a little nice. i realized i haven't updated this thing in almost a month, and i honestly thought, "well, what the heck have i been DOING?!" mostly, i've been working and having fun. so there's that.

i went to seattle for a brief stay last weekend to meet the munchkin, aka the nubbin, jammin, benjamin, ben, the nephew. it made me so sad when i left to think that the next time i see him at thanksgiving, he will be five months old. so much time to miss in baby time.

there are far too many "favorite" pictures to post from the trip, so we'll only do a few. i was there for a total of two days - the second day, we drove up to deception pass state park in washington and made our way down whidbey island to the ferry back. this was after a very satisfying hunt for rocks at north beach.
090815. north beach, deception pass, wa.

the prettiest seaweed in all the land.
090815. technicolor seaweed.

ben is a noisy, vigorous little guy. he does everything vigorously. he even SLEEPS vigorously, with his grunts and coos and hoots. he's not fussy at all. he's just vigorous. however, get him in his wrappy thing in a noisy place (like, say, pike place market), and he's passed right the heck out.
090814. sarah and ben.

me and dad in his humboldt state sweatshirt. i don't even own an article of clothing from humboldt, and i WENT there, for goodness' sakes!
090814. dad and me.

i really love this photo. ben's first ferry ride! he loved the light, the noise... and he loves hanging his head upside down when he looks at the world.
090815. ben's first ferry ride.

oh, and in addition to pike place market on friday, we also went to the most hilarious brewery tour i have ever been on. redhook brewery tour - if you are ever in that area, you must go. me, my bruddah, and my mama.
090814. redhook brewery tour.

our flight out of seattle circled around mt. st. helens. goodbye for now, pacific northwest. i will always love you.
090816. mt. rainier from the plane.

i got home and finally finished up a few projects that had been blocking for lord knows how long. first, i made myself a sweater. i'm really proud of this sucker ( ihaven't counted the bobbles yet... the bobbles sucked).
090802. thunderstormy forecast.

although my initial desire was to make this sweater in some bright, crazy color (as i have been known to do on occasion), i also desperately needed a warm, black, awesome cardigan. so yeah... i went with it.
090802. bobbles, bobbles everywhere.

then the christmas knitting begins. this'll be for my mom, made using the springtime bandit pattern and good ol' noro kureyon yarn. i really want to keep it for myself, but i guess i'll settle for just making another one.
090819. christmas knitting has begun!


kat said...

i've lost my knitting mojo, but seeing this wrap makes me swoon! beautiful work!

famousthecat said...

girl, you work on getting that mojo back! if it's any indication of how much i loved that pattern, i just got back from the yarn store with MORE yarn to make myself one. :) you can DO EET!

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