Sunday, April 12, 2009

butterscotch kind of day...

i have found that i've been really drawn to butterscotch-related colors lately. mustard, butterscotch, whatever you want to call it - warm, brownish-yellows are calling my name. in fact, as i type this, i'm wearing a butterscotchy cardigan. hmm... strange, that.

i have finished the body of my very own pegboard tunic, and i am still in love. it's currently blocking, and i'm working on the neck tie at the present. i really do NOT understand the construction details with the i-cord and buttons and such. and, really, i like the look of it with just the plain old neck tie part, so i'm omitting all the i-cord stuff and keeping it simple, stupid. plus, i-cords and i are not friends. i hate i-cords.

so we have some progress pictures.
090412. pegboard tunic in the works.

090412. pegboard tunic in the works.

just look at that yummy, yummy yarn. i really should do lace more frequently - it knits up so FAST with all those open spaces.
090412. pegboard tunic in the works.

the rest of today? i'm going to see if there's some baseball on and continue work on one of my longer term projects - getting all of my photos from my european adventure last year into a scrapbook. i'm up to paris! i think it's almost time to move on to venice! then there's just rome to wrap up. yeah... i've got my work cut out for me.

oh, and in music news, i've been listening to this song obsessively lately: "photobooth" by death cab for cutie.

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