Sunday, March 29, 2009

baby boy blues...

i've got the baby boy blues. well, no, not really just yet, but still.... my brother and sister-in-law are due in july, and they are not going to find out the sex of the baby until it's born. so the nubbin/the munchkin is getting a whole lot of handknitted, asexual items.

baby #2: my friend kerry has found out she is having a boy! okay, at least i know i can work on boy-specific items. i FINALLY cleaned out my ridiculous stash of yarn a couple of weekends ago. seriously, it took me four hours to go through it all, rewind, requisition, pitch, and organize. during that time, i managed to put together a bag of "baby boy knitting" happy fibers. i'm proud to say i picked it up today and started the baby boy blues sweater from leftover cascade 220. i am so happy with the color... my lowlit room does not do it justice, so we'll just have to wait for daylight and a finished project for that part. however, i can tell you i have been thrilled with the colors as i've been knitting. i can't believe i started this evening and it's really nearing completion already. ah, the joy of teeny tiny clothing.
090328. baby boy blue sweater in the works.

baby #3: my friend lei is also expecting, though she's due a bit later... september or october, i think? still no word on whether baby will be a boy or a girl. see, i am fully aware that healthy babies are a good thing no matter what. i have nothing against baby boys - they are lovely and necessary, just as much as baby girls are in this topsy turvy world of ours. however, from a strictly knitting standpoint, you just can't make the adorable frilly frocks for the boys. the boys get the short end of the knitting stick, even as wee babes. i will do what i can... but i long to have at least ONE of the three aforementioned babies turn out to be a girl so's i can knit up my ridiculous queue of ADORABLE baby girl knits. dammit all to heck.

also and totally unrelated? i just got back from a work trip to san diego, which also included an unexpected stopover in denver last night. whee! i was going to SAN DIEGO, so i didn't pack a coat, making me rather ill-prepared for below-freezing temperatures upon arrival at 9:00 last night in denver. luckily, i purchased a cheesy san diego sweatshirt i may never wear again for $15 at the airport, anticipating my extended layover. i got home almost 24 hours after i had expected to and am now so, so glad i am home. my cat is in my lap as we type/read - i guess he's glad, too.

oh! and my whole point with that was that, the one time i DON'T bring my camera ANYwhere, i go to an awesome place. no photos of SD! however, i give you the slightly belated self-portrait of the week. my brother gave me these shoes on may 18, 2002 - which was both my 22nd birthday and graduation from college. i still has them and i still loves them.
090328. self portrait day.


kat said...

the baby boy sweater is so cute! and ya gotta love chucks, my faves are black! ;)

famousthecat said...

i had a pair of all black chucks that i LOVED. they are now in a landfill somewhere in rome. i trekked all around europe in those bad boys last may, and they had really bit the dust by the time i got to rome. :)