Sunday, March 15, 2009

spring has sprung! (knock on wood)...

i slept in LATE today, then decided i would only feel better about this day if i made the most of it. so i went for a long walk in the sunshine and the warmth - 3.35 miles, according to lordy lou, i love that website. it's a tad addictive, i must say. i saw crocuses coming up and blooming, little balls of red buds on the trees, and green, green grass. i miss green things. living in a town that has lots of gray limestone, it just makes it that much grayer out all winter long. it's like there's a sheet of tracing paper held up over your eyes all winter.

yesterday, i did end up going to the local yarn store and picking up some buttons. the diminishing rib cardigan is MUCH improved, in my opinion, with the buttons. so i give you the completed little guy. i think i'll actually get a lot of wear out of this one - i wasn't sure at first, but i'm warming up to it quite nicely.
090314. diminishing rib cardigan - all buttoned up.

090314. diminishing rib cardigan - all buttoned up.

closeup of the buttons. i just did a little crochet chain for the loop, then sewed four of them in at about 4" apart.
090314. diminishing rib cardigan - all buttoned up.

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kat said...

looks awesome! the sweater seems like a great layering piece, i could use one too! ;)