Monday, March 30, 2009

a sweater for spring...

i am, generally speaking, a winter knitter. i like wool, cascade 220 wool and lamb's pride and thick scarves and sweaters with emphasis on the SWEAT. with my dreams of spring, though, and a massive sale at the local yarn store, i picked up seven skeins of cascade cotton something-or-other dk weight in what i can only call "skin color." or, i guess, the color of caucasian skin that has not seen enough sun in months.

i kind of can't believe i MADE this. i love it so, so much. it's just avant-garde/ugly enough, too. i like ugly-pretty things, i guess. it's from the latest norah gaughan pamphlet, the frond pattern.
090330. frond pullover.

090330. frond pullover.

also? my earrings match my tights today, which makes me a little inappropriately thrilled.
090330. frond pullover.

090330. frond pullover.

finally, i had some truly amazing bedhead yesterday morning. thought i'd share.
090329. my outstanding bedhead.


Whitney said...

OMG that sweater is too cute on you! Of course, I'm so anti-garter stitch it's not even funny so I don't think I could attempt it for myself (which is good b/c it'd likely look ridic on me anyway).

Also, loving the bed head. It's just not fair that your bed head is cute.

famousthecat said...

hee, thank you! and it's actually reverse stockinette stitch - i bet you could do it with the "right" side facing out and still pull it off. :)