Saturday, February 28, 2009

whatever you need to make you feel like you've been the one behind the wheel...

i'm back home! i have been out of town for work for the last week - i left last friday and just got home yesterday. of course, i started getting ill the day before hopping on a place to miami. yeah... so i've been really, really sick the whole time, which also included a flight from miami to san antonio. by my flights home yesterday, i literally could not get air to go through my nose. combine that with the joys of flying, and you can see i have not been a happy camper.

i'm still feeling really quite awful today, but i at least got meds. the doctor at the emergency clinic told me i had a "raging sinus infection" for which he would prescribe "hardcore antibiotics." i also got steroids for my nose. weird, huh?

today, i have managed the doctor and a little bit of finishing/button sewing on my latest completed item. and, oh my goodness, i love this cardigan! i have dubbed it my apple cardigan. i knit it up with drops alpaca held doubled. after trying three different patterns and being unhappy with them all, i decided to just go my own route with this yarn. this was a simple top down raglan with random purled sections and a 5-stitch garter stitch button band. around the waist at the back, you can see some ribbing to pull it in a bit, then i did a few rows of 2x1 ribbing (after adding 1 stitch per knit stitch in the 1x1 ribbing section). once i got through with the ribbing, i ended up making 1 stitch for every 4 in order to give the bottom a little poofiness. i'm pretty thrilled with this little guy! i can't wait to throw it on over a poofy-skirted summer dress. some day...

also? BUTTONS!
090228. apple cardi.

back ribbing.
090228. back ribbing and swooshiness.

more buttons!
090228. BUTTONS!

just look at how yummy this yarn is.
090228. apple cardigan yarn. yum.

also, i've got to catch up with self-portrait thursday. i kind of cheated a bit this week - i was just too sick to even think about it until today, but it still follows the same theme of whatever sad, pitiful photo i would have taken on thursday.

2.19.09. this was when i was just starting to get sick and falling asleep on the couch.
090219. self-portrait. the beginning of me getting sick.

2.28.09. and here's the honorary thursday one - me with all of my drugs this morning. i still feel absolutely horrid and have developed a nice headache on top of everything else, but the drugs give me hope.
090228. honorary thursday self-portrait. i was too sick on real thursday to even think of it. here i am, two days later, with drugs.

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