Thursday, February 5, 2009

oh, random day...

i talked on the phone today with the father of a rock star. well, pseudo-rock star. his kid toured with interpol for a year and a half and co-produced/played on/sang on the new jenny lewis album. how rad! he said his son had played at a much loved club here, and i asked with who. he said, "have you heard of interpol?" i thought he was going to say something like, "well, they sound a lot like interpol." nope - he was actually playing WITH interpol. farmer dave scher is the name, apparently. what a funny conversation that was. the guy had called because he wanted to present a session on the new americans with disabilities act requirements at our annual conference this september, and somehow we got to talking about interpol, jenny lewis, and his son getting stuck at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere in germany.

in other news, i finished baby blanket number one. it has a hood! holy awesome! i'm almost done with the main part of baby blanket number two, but i'm sick of baby stuff. so i bought some olive green yarn online yesterday in order to make myself a cute little cardigan. huzzah.

look! it has a hood!
090205. hooded baby blanket!

the colors are more accurate here.
090205. hooded baby blanket!

the whole thing:
090205. hooded baby blanket!

and, hey, it's self-portrait thursday! lo and behold, i didn't think at all about self-portraits last thursday. it has been a rough couple of weeks. these are my new favorite jeans... and my tattoo o' wonder and joy!
090205. self-portrait thursday. new favorite jeans.

outtake #1.
090205. moi.

outtake #2.
090205. vertigo.

someone asked me how i was doing today, and i honestly said, "great!" that was a step in the right direction. saying goodbye to a friend has really done a number on me these past two weeks.

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