Sunday, March 1, 2009

two posts in two days? insane.

just a quick post while i am feeling minutely better. i am so freaking sick... i honestly do not remember being this sick in my life. either i'm very healthy or i'm a wimp.

anyway, i finished sewing up a hooded baby sweater and pair of pants for my sis-in-law's baby shower in chicago this weekend. figured i should post 'em!
090301. baby seed stitch jacket.

and a new pair of baby pants - these are so freaking soft.
090301. kanoko baby pants.


Whitney said...

Ok sorry for all the comments, I'm just loving your blog. I may not be a fan of garter stitch (as mentioned in my other comment) but seed stitch? I love me some seed stitch (it's bizarre, I know). And are those baby pants made of Caron Simply Soft or something else? They look awesome. Great work! Love your knitting.

famousthecat said...

yeah, i think it was simply soft - just a generic super soft acrylic i've had in my stash for forever. i can't even remember why i bought it - i think it was one of those "i love the way this stuff feels, i'll do *something* with it," and then it just sat there.