Sunday, January 18, 2009

frozen pipes, sweaters, and sickness... all in a day's work.

i got really quite ill on thursday night into friday into yesterday. i can't even tell you how many hours i slept between thursday night and today - a lot, to put it simply. i think i'm feeling better today. i at least decided to take a shower and put myself together slightly today. of course, i had no choice but to wait until today to take a shower as my shower's drainage pipes froze while i was at work on thursday. darn cold weather! where is my summer?

all of this freezing cold/white stuff falling from the sky makes me want to a) hibernate and b) make nothing but lots of toasty warm things. i started a serious-ugly scarf yesterday, inspired by project runway and laura's usage of "serious ugly." i really do like ugly things. the scarf is this lacy, open number, but knit up with lamb's pride bulky wool in, get this, fuchsia, a bright orange-yellow, chocolate brown, and tan. yessss... we're talking serious-ugly awesomeness. after football today, i have successfully made it to the last color change, and it's going to be rad.

in finished object goodness, i have a few new things. first, i am so proud of this sweater. it's entirely wearable, cozy, and still fitted and cute. it's the boatneck bluebell sweater from fitted knits, made with cascade 220 heathers in bluish gray. i LURVE it. with a passion.
090118. boatneck sweater.

i have a prominent nose.
090118. boatneck sweater.

oh! and i got a new haircut yesterday, too. that's about all i managed to do yesterday outside of the house.
090118. boatneck sweater.

i also decided to fish out some yarn from my crazy stash of unused yarn to make a pair of what turned out to be kanoko short pants. i had dyed this yarn over a year ago in a class but never really knew what to do with such a small amount of crazy colored cotton yarn. then i realized baby pants were the perfect solution. look at how cute!
090117. kanoko short pants.

they really are THAT bright.
090117. kanoko short pants.

finally, i give you my self-portrait thursday shot from 1/15/09. starting to feel ill, cuddling with my cat, and trying to keep warm in my drafty, old apartment.
090115. self-portrait thursday. feeling ill and cold.

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loliecraft said...

WOW! You are an incredible knitter. Everything you make turns out so well. I cannot wait to see the scarf.

I hope you're feeling better. Being sick is no fun :(