Tuesday, January 20, 2009

there's some serious ugly in this place...

i've been watching a lot of project runway, season 3. i have been particularly addicted to it while knitting this scarf. i kind of wanted a break from sweater and baby knitting, so i decided a lacy, yet still warm, scarf would do the trick. it ended up being far longer than any scarf i have ever made, full of crazy ridiculous colors, and generally full of awesome (in my mind).

so i give you the serious ugly scarf, knit up with lamb's pride bulky and using the mustard scarf pattern. i love! i love!
090120. serious ugly.

ah, luscious yarn.
\090120. serious ugly.

the serious ugly colors.
090120. serious ugly.

and, of course, i decided i had to figure out what to wear it with today.
090120. serious ugly.

and... done!
090120. serious ugly.

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