Friday, January 2, 2009

knitting for the nubbin...

this is the beginning of "knitting for the nubbin," aka the munchkin, aka the niece/nephew whose scheduled arrival date in 7/8/09. that's right - i will be a proud auntie soon enough!

the only thing i can ask with this first piece of baby knitting is: why are tiny things SO DANG ADORABLE? look at how freaking CUTE these little pants are!
081228. kanoko pants.

i used the kanoko pattern and red heart ltd. designer sport weight yarn. the yarn is perfect for these pants, even if it is just plain old acrylic. eek!!! so little!
081228. kanoko pants.


loliecraft said...

I love tiny little knitted baby pants! So cute. That's one lucky little baby!

famousthecat said...

thanks, nikki! i just finished a sweater (which may or may not be too small by the time winter rolls around), and i'm working on another sweater that i think will be just right. i've got a baby blanket in mind, but then i'll be taking a break to knit a sweater for myself. :)

loliecraft said...

I want you to be my kids' aunt!!