Saturday, November 22, 2008

sick of being sick...

i started getting under the weather on tuesday. here it is, saturday, and i really don't feel a heck of a lot better. a little bit... but not a lot.

right now, i'm watching "home for the holidays," my favorite holiday movie (along with "love actually"). robert downey, jr., is hilarious, although clearly high on something. oh, rdj, you are ridiculous.

i've been busy with the knitting, of course, in preparation for christmas and just, you know, in general. i went to the yarn store yesterday to get some more yarn for a sweater i'm knitting, but i neglected to pick up the yarn i need for one of my dad's christmas presents. d'oh! oh, well - guess i'll just have to go back!

anyway, here's a general "making stuff with my hands and two sticks" listing of the current/recently completed projects: first, another copycat hat and a christmas present for someone near and dear to me.
081122. it's not easy being green.

next, a sweater i'm making for myself. i had leftovers of both colors from my pseudo-ski sweater, so i figured, eh, why not. i'm very loosely following my version of the anthropologie-inspired capelet pattern, only i'm making this in pullover form. and, of course, i'm keeping notes, so if it works out, i'll post the pattern notes soon!
081122. grape and raspberry.

and, finally, i started the genius, new give a hoot mittens pattern! one down, one to go. again, this is a gift for someone who has been clammering for me to make her mittens since, oh, last christmas or so. these'll get little buttons for eyes, too.
081122. hoot hoot!

that's all for now! time for some cold medicine and coffee... and "home for the holidays" and probably some more knitting on the couch. oh, and perhaps some napping.

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