Sunday, November 30, 2008

an addict.

this is likely one of the most addictive patterns i have ever done. after reading the needle size for the selbu modern hat, i thought i must be going insane to think of making myself one. however, after eyeing others' finished hats, i decided to go for it. i ordered the needles and yarn from knitpicks, and when they arrived... oh, lordy, let's just say i nearly had a heart attack over the size 0 circular needles and the teeny-tinyness of them.

once i got past the ribbing at the lower edge, though, and started the colorwork, it really was addictive and seemed to go far faster than i had anticipated. i started the hat on november 26. here it is, four days later, and it's blocking away as we speak.

since i'm so proud, here are some pre-blocking shots:
081130. selbu modern, all done!

me looking rather odd... but whatever, the hat looks cool. i was afraid it would turn out far too large, but i actually like the fittedness of it (and i hope it doesn't stretch out to much with blocking!).
081130. i'm not sure what i'm doing here... but the hat looks cool!

081130. selbu modern hat, pre-blocking.

the next "am i crazy" project will be the squirrely swedish mittens in the same colors as the hat. yippee!

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loliecraft said...

I've been dying to make those mittens! I can't wait to see how yours turn out.