Wednesday, November 12, 2008

point me towards the ski slopes!

when i finally got my copy of elizabeth zimmerman's "knitting without tears," i jumped right into that sweater for my dad... but the whole time, my eye was being drawn again and again to the fair isle yoke sweater. it reminded me of being a little kid, of vintage, early 80's winter, mittens, and hot chocolate all wrapped up in sweater form. so i decided it was high time i made something for myself.

i just finished the underarms and weaving in all the ends, and i am SO FREAKING PROUD of my pseudo-ski sweater! like, i haven't been this proud of a knitted object in quite some time. i think it's mostly because i followed the zimmerman "recipe" for a yoke sweater, but you know how that goes... it could turn out exactly as you had hoped, or it could turn out all wonky, too long, too tight, etc. i purposely made the body quite fitted and, wouldn't you know - it worked! fitted in the body, long arms, and the shoulders even fit my big ass girl shoulders. hooray!

081112. no hair and a new sweater.

081112. me and my newly knitted sweater!

look! fair isle!
081112. deets.

and more details and me looking, erm, dreamy? spacey?
081112. pseudo-ski sweater.


cosymakes said...

wow! you're inspiring... now that is a kick ass sweater.

loliecraft said...


famousthecat said...

thank you, cosy and nikki! this makes my day!

Whitney said...

This is freaking AMAZING and I am so jealous!