Friday, December 5, 2008


whispered quickly before anyone else hears...

i just developed a mental image of my final christmas knitting project... shhh, don't tell. space invaders meets scarf. knit in the round, seamed ends. i know it's been done before (in fact, i know this because i stole a chart for the little buggers). the invaders themselves will fall in stripey bands on dark and light gray stripes at both ends of the scarf. the rest will be charcoal gray.

it is going to rock.

end whispered secrets. and just so this isn't words only, i finished a very special pair of mittens for a very special gal - a gal who first requested a pair of mittens from me roughly a year ago. complete with bad lighting, yoga pants, and monkey socks, i give you... the give a hoot mittens! left:
081202. owls!

and right:
081202. give a hoot.

finally, i put up my christmas tree last night. ever since i was about three years old, i've been collecting ornaments. i had a little, three-foot high, plastic tree in my room until i was a little older (and got more ornaments). time for a new tree - i graduated to a five-foot high or so tree. now, the tree is bigger than me, and there really isn't any room for more ornaments (even though my mom just brought me some hand-quilted and hand-cross-stitched ones from home). every year, unpacking the ornaments, i remember where i got them, how old i was, how cold it was outside at that one christkindl market in downtown chicago, etc. etc. i get so nostalgiac putting that tree up.
081204. my beautiful christmas tree.

the glass hamburger i got last year at chicago's very cold christkindl market and one of my baby booties, which my grandma knitted!
081204. hamburger and my baby bootie.

you know - seahorses and penguins and disco ball apples. nothing says christmas like disco ball apples.
081204. seahorse and penguin.

boombox taking a break from batting away at all the NEW SHINY, SWINGY THINGS!
081204. boombox.

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