Saturday, May 17, 2008

we gonna party like it's your birthday.

tomorrow's my birthday! (but my party was last night).

the most beautiful cake ever, made by amelia. it tasted like grapefruit!
080516. also the yummiest cake in all the land.

cake cutting is serious business.
080516. cake cutting is serious business.

amelia and will - post-sushi, pre-cake and pre-drinking.
080516. amelia and will.

i kind of forgot to take pictures, until the very end of the night. thus, the ridiculousness. this is smoove (who i love and adore and is absolutely insane) and thomas.
080517. smoove and thomas.

my old coworkers from eppley came! i love those kids. here's me and jc.
080517. me and jc. awww...

i think i was trying to channel america's next top noodle here. me and matthew. aw!
080517. me doing some weird pose and matthew being cute.

i finished my clapotis scarf on thursday night! yay. i wanted to get it off the needles before i left for europe. i was afraid i'd get back, forget about it, and find it years from now, slightly mangled. it was time, and i love it! made with dive autunno yarn.
080517. clapotis scarf all done!

080517. details.

080517. hi! hihihi!

so today i managed to sleep in a bit, went and got an oil change in preparation for my drive to chicago tomorrow, had a helluva time getting boombox to sally's (he puked AND pooped in his carrier on the way over, poor little guy), hung out there for a while to see if he was going to eat the kittens, then stopped at the bank, and finally made it back home. cleaned out my car, finished packing (!), watered the plants, and now i'm uploading photos and being a little lazy. i can't believe i'll be on an airplane in two days!

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