Sunday, May 4, 2008

mom, if you're reading this...

STOP READING RIGHT NOW (at least, stop if it isn't after mother's day by the time you see this)! anyone who is not my mom can continue on.

today has been an amazingly awesome, productive day. and it's sunday! who knew i could be so productive on a sunday? here's what i've accomplished thus far:
- went on a four-mile walk.
- perused the summer interweave knits magazine, which arrived yesterday.
- went to vote (i can't believe indiana actually counts for something this year! how bizarre... i voted for obama, among others, of course).
- mailed my mother's day package.
- returned some yarn i didn't need for the shrug i made for my mom (and got some more to make this gorgeous u-neck tank top thing).
- dropped a box of old office stuff at the new office.
- bought groceries for the week.

whew! and it's only 4:00! i am good. let's get to the photos, shall we?

here is the first article of clothing i've ever knitted for my mom. i followed the knob hill shrug pattern. here's the little beauty blocking.
080504. shrug!

it's pretty big on me, but i'm hoping it will fit my mom (and that it looks good!). i'm definitely going to get some really cool handpainted yarn and make one for myself one of these days.
080504. mom's day shrug. a little bit big on me.

on to the other day-to-day stuff: they gave out stickers at the polls! i'm so proud of my sticker. also, on a slightly related note, i got a campaign sign for my friend, geoff mckim, at the farmers' market yesterday. i put it proudly in my yard, and about four hours later... it was gone! someone took my mckim sign, which is ironic because i really wanted an obama sign, too, and they were all out. on the way back to my house, every house we walked past that had an obama sign i joked about taking the sign to put in my yard.
080504. i voted early... for obama!

thomas and i went to the farmers' market yesterday, and i had a bit of a plant shopping spree. look! i will have roma tomatoes! (i need to go get tomato cages).
080504. roma, roma!

and we have baby basil, baby lavender, baby rosemary, and two different baby cherry tomato plants.
080504. plant shopping spree.

i decided i missed having succulents all over the place - so i got a new little succulent, too. senor gnomey is watching over him. so far, boombox has not decided to try eating it, which makes me happy.
080504. simply succulent.

and one other thing - after reading thomas' latest blog about music (okay, that isn't too specific since ALL of his blogs are about music, but whatever), i decided to do a little searching on the magical youtube for some good ol' john darnielle of the mountain goats fabulousness. and behold! a gem emerged. matt kennedy and i spent an entire winter in our san francisco flat fighting over which one of us would get to marry john darnielle.

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