Monday, March 10, 2008

kicking ass and taking names...

i worked a full day at job number #1. then, i came home and nearly finalized e-course #2 for job number #2. it's on adult education principles, and it's DRY-Y-Y material, but we have lots of examples and some pretty pictures, too, so that should help. 3.25 hours of extra work this evening. either tomorrow night or thursday night, i will be tackling e-course #3, which is all about characteristics of adult learners.

i am now drinking whiskey and contemplating knitting. i have two projects in action right now: the mrs. darcy cardigan (i've gotten through the back and one side already!) and the blue jeans lace leaf shawl. i made an extra buttonhole on the band of the cardigan after seeing how LOOOOW-CUT it ended up being on quite a few people in ravelry. i think it's going to turn out delish. i have to find some leather-covered buttons for it to complete the "old man in a library" thang it's got going on.

also, i'm probably knitting the shawl in WAY too bulky of a yarn. but i have resigned myself to the fact that, yes, it will be lacy, but it will also be super cozy. i can deal with that.

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