Saturday, March 8, 2008

an exciting day in knitting land...

i finished the threepenny pullover! fin! non! no mas! all done! and currently on my body. i plan on living in this here sweater for as long as winter decides to wrap its spindly, bony fingers around our throats (which, after yesterday's crazy snowstorm, i'm thinking could be a bit longer, even though we're solidly into march now).

i'm so proud. i am a proud mama. so here's the details:
pattern: threepenny pullover, interweave knits, fall 2004.
yarn: patons classic merino, which worked better than i could have hoped for this pattern.
needles: US 8 for the body and sleeves, US 7 for the edging.
modifications: i made the sleeves longer (i like long sleeves) and omitted the ever-so-annoying edging from the sleeves.

and the action shots. so, so cozy.
080308. cozy and warm! threepenny pullover.

the extra-long sleeves, which worked out better than i actually had even hoped they would.
080308. threepenny's extra-long arms.

loungin', baby. loungin'.
080308. threepenny pullover.

i'm a little in love with the little cables running up the sleeves. just a little.
080308. threepenny pullover. so cozy.

the full-on view (and me looking a little crazy-eyed).
080308. threepenny pullover. all done!

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