Sunday, March 16, 2008

you give me fever...

cardigan fever, that is. i've finished the back and two front panels of the mrs. darcy cardigan, but i was running out of steam. i needed SOMEthing that would be (near) instant gratification and that would look rad. so i turned to the anthropologie-inspired capelet pattern, splurged on some slightly more expensive fancy yarn at the local yarn store, and started something new.

it took me four days, and now i have a new little cardigan! the plan was for it to turn out much looser and longer than this, but i got impatient and didn't do any swatching or anything. i'm still quite pleased with the result. the pattern's pretty rad, too, and i don't doubt that i will be revisiting it to make a longer, looser, long-sleeved version in the near future. maybe i'll knit it as a split neck pullover! ooo, now that would be even more rad.

so here's my interpretation. these photos are all pre-blocking (the little wet noodle is resting amidst towels as we speak, hopefully growing a teeny, tiny bit), but i'm pretty in love with it thus far.

i love love LOVE the yarn i picked out for it - dive autunno (and plain old cascade for the edging).
080316. self-timer pictures are hard.

the back and me looking silly.
080316. back o' the cardigan.

i'm leaning towards adding a couple of buttons to the bottom... but i might just get a fancy pin to cinch across the middle? decisions, decisions.
080316. or do i sew buttons in here?

arm deets.
080316. arm and yarn deets.

and it's almost spring! this is my spring sunshine happy face.
080316. me and arty cardi.

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