Sunday, March 2, 2008

on tumbleweeds and busy-ness...

it's been a while, little blog! let's air out the empty rooms, sweep up the dust bunnies, and start anew.

maybe it's the spring-like weather talking, who knows. 68 degrees today! yowza! i went for a walk up to campus today in order to do some pre-work for my meeting tomorrow afternoon for job number two. usually, i find it hard to do anything productive on a sunday, save for laundry and knitting and watching countless episodes of, say, lost or buffy. the promise of a paycheck, however, caused me to wander the warm, sunlit, windy streets, up to the union to print up oodles of adult education documents. and i actually read (almost) all of them! and underlined things! took a stroll down kirkwood, which was also nice and loaded with people in t-shirts for the first time in 2008. what a nice sight. plus? my 2 hours of work today mean i will have made nearly $60 already this week! score.

so in knitting-related news, i have been knitting up a storm on the threepenny sweater, and i have officially begun sleeve two! i've blocked the front and back, too, which means i am completely and totally in the final stretch. i just can't wait until it's done - i have lots of motivation for getting it off the needles and onto my body.

this is more the true color of the yarn, which is patons classic merino wool. the drape is lovely on it, and the yarn didn't even break the bank (for once)!
080228. three penny front, post-blocking.

so very exciting. i'm a little nervous of how the cabled bands will work out - but after this much effort, i pretty much will not ALLOW them to look bad, come hell or high water.
080228. three penny front, post-blocking.

i also finished my first clapotis attempt. yup, i jumped on the clapotis bandwagon - i LOVED the pattern, and i fully plan on making one for myself one of these days. too many other projects are waiting in the wings, though, for me to be able to launch into one for myself anytime soon. this is both in honor of spring and of my mother's birthday on march 8. happy birthday, momz!
080301. clapotis for mom.

in other news, as soon as i get the threepenny pullover off the needles, i am moving on to the mrs. darcy cardigan, which i will hopefully live in whilst in europe. i had some serious issues picking out a yarn color - i oscillated from a nice pumpkin color to shocking pink to a grandpa-cardigan brown heather to a ripe avocado. in the end, i settled on the pumpkin, which arrived in the mail just the other day. needless to say, i am very pleased with my final decision. isn't this color just yum?
080302. pumpkin. wool of the andes.

and i'm pretty sure i've posted this scarflette already, but i don't believe i posted a silly action shot yet. i am nothing without my silly action shots.
080223. gold and purple and silly.

that's all - ta for now, little journal!

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