Tuesday, October 30, 2007

begin the begin...

what better time to start up this here blog than just in time for christmas knitting? i mean, really. i've had this account for literally months... maybe since the spring? have i posted anything? nope, not a durn thing. so, yeah, it's about time, right? right.

i am also on a lot of darvocet at the present due to SHINGLES. that's right, i'm 28 years old, apparently really unhealthy, and i have shingles. they suck, for the record. you should avoid getting them at all costs.

so anyway, i thought it was high time to document my christmas knitting plans. plans, plans, plans! here's what i've got lined up so far:
- sharfik scarf - for one of the men in my life... just started a couple of nights ago.
- shifting sands scarf - for another of the men in my life (ooo, that sounds so scandalous! it's not, though - there's the brother, the dad, and the special someone*).
- nereides shawl - for my mom... this one is almost done, actually. knitted it up smaller than the pattern called for and out of this really crazy recycled sari silk yarn i scored on ebay. i want to make another one for myself, only out of some nice lace weight yarn to make a fat scarf. someday, someday.
- persephone scarf or clapotis - for SIL.
- fetching or cashmere arm cozies - for best girlfriend.

*as a side note, i have heard so many of the stories along the lines of "as soon as i started knitting an x for my significant other, we broke up!" i am a little reticent to knit something for this particular someone with that fear in mind. am i dooming myself to even think about it? or should i just go for it (and make something that i, too, would love to wear just in cases)? thoughts?

and for the record, here are the current states of both the nereides shawl and the beginnings of the sharfik scarf:
071027. nereides.

071027. nereides.

i'm doing up the sharfik scarf in patons classic wool and adding stripes of a slightly darker brown wool-ease. of course, this was the beginning shot, so no stripes just yet... be patient, my pretty. and, for the record, i am now in LOVE with this pattern. do it - you'll like it. i want one of my own.
071027. the beginnings. sharfik scarf.

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