Wednesday, December 14, 2011

days #12, #13, and #14: 30 + 1 handknits...

without meaning to, i managed to wear three items i knitted almost exactly a year apart each. forcing yourself to wear - and appreciate - things that you made with your own two hands, especially things you frequently overlook, is a really great exercise in creativity and valuing your own work. being able to keep yourself warm via your hands, two needles, and a bunch of yarn is a pretty amazing thing, all in all.

mostly, though, it makes me want to get chickens. and a goat. and maybe a few sheep. and generally just support myself with my own two hands as much as possible. i know, i know, i'm a freaking hippy, but, hey, that's what handmade is all about.

day #12: February Lady Sweater by pamela wynn, completed in september 2008. this pattern was simply lovely, and monday was definitely a flannel shirt, wool sweater kind of day: such a very cold morning, followed by a very gray day.
20111212. day #12: February Lady Sweater by pamela wynn.

this is also a "two-fer" - check out that handknitted, bobbly cowl, keeping my sad little neck warm.
20111212. day #12: February Lady Sweater by pamela wynn.

day #13: oscar the grouch sweater (personal pattern), completed in september 2009. i brought this yarn on super sale, intending to make a toxic-sludge looking scarf of some sort. i tried and i tried, but it kept looking straight up fugg and not at all ugly-cute. so then it became a fuzzy little sweater instead! ah, the life of a skein of yarn.
20111213. day #13: oscar the grouch sweater (personal pattern).

20111213. day #13: oscar the grouch sweater (personal pattern).

i don't remember what prompted the belly laughs, but it was awesome, i'm sure.
20111213. day #13: oscar the grouch sweater (personal pattern).

day #14: the leftovers sweater (personal pattern), completed in october 2010. another simple sweater out of my own head, this one features dropped stitch, open ribbing around the waistline. i knitted this whole thing using leftover yarn from other projects - thus, the name. there's something terribly pleasing about not having to buy anything to make a sweater (although it also speaks to how much yarn i have in my stash - i.e. too much).
20111214. day #14: the leftovers sweater (personal pattern).

20111214. day #14: the leftovers sweater (personal pattern).

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lolie jane said...

I love your sweaters so much! This is my favourite month ever, just because of your posts. So good.

famousthecat said...

too, too sweet of you! thank you. so far, this project has had some nice unintended side effects - like getting more creative with my outfit pairings, reconnecting with old crafty blog friends, getting up and running on google+...

i did realize the other day that i'm going to be really pushing it to find 31 larger handknitted items in my closet, though (scarves and hats don't count)! guess i'll need to knit something up real quick-like over the holidays. :)