Sunday, December 11, 2011

days #10 and #11: 30 + 1 handknits project...

most of my friends, co-workers, and friendly acquaintances know my december secret: i freaking love christmas. i've watched home alone three times since thanksgiving, i have a nutcracker suite pandora station i tune to all day, every day, and it takes hours and some creative ornament hanging to decorate my tree simply because there are so darn many ornaments to hang.

i love christmas, and i am not ashamed to admit it.

with that in mind, maybe you can understand why this was the best weekend ever for me. friday night, i finished printing a few block prints i plan to give out as gifts this year. then chris and i went to a local theater company's rendition of a christmas carol, which was pretty awesome (mostly because scrooge was THE BEST... seriously, i think he was actually crying at a few points).

on saturday, i finished christmas knitting, worked on a sweater for myself (finally! i'm done with christmas knitting!), made crackle-top mint chocolate cookies, and went to our friends' annual ugly christmas sweater party. afterwards, we drank white russians and built our first fire since moving into the new house.

now is the point at which i digress from the 30 + 1 handknits project to puke a little christmas all over the blog: our first fire in the new house.
20111210. our first fire in the new house!

boombox poses with chris' white elephant gift from the ugly christmas sweater party: six pounds of chef boyardee. do you see a resemblance at all?
20111210. boombox posing with chris' white elephant gift.

we really are this creepy. and we really do dress like this on any given saturday evening.
20111210. posing with our white elephant gifts. creeps.

okay, okay, on to the actual 30 + 1 project. day #10: Nob Hill by Ashley Adams Moncrief, completed june 2008. i actually pretty severely shrunk this at one point, but i like it even more now (it was sort of lumpy, large, and misshapen before the accidental shrinking). i almost talked myself into thinking i could wear this to the ugly christmas sweater party and be good. what, it has red and green in it! in hindsight, i'm glad i bit the bullet and wore the one that instead looks like christmas puked all over it.

20111210. Nob Hill by Ashley Adams Moncrief.

20111210. Nob Hill by Ashley Adams Moncrief.

you can hardly tell it didn't get above 29 degrees yesterday, can you? hooray, sunshine!
20111210. Nob Hill by Ashley Adams Moncrief.

day #11: Tuck by Norah Gaughan, completed in june 2009. this sweater reminds me of ribs of the bone variety - like a knitted skeleton.
20111211. day #11: Tuck by Norah Gaughan.

20111211. day #11: Tuck by Norah Gaughan.

such a weird little number, no?
20111211. day #11: Tuck by Norah Gaughan.

and now that i've collected kindling from the backyard, we can have fire #2 tonight!
20111211. day #11: Tuck by Norah Gaughan.


lolie jane said...

Um, did I write the first part of this post myself, because I am the exact same way. Christmas is amazing. Ugly Christmas sweater party = even better. I really need to have one of those next year.

famousthecat said...

there was SO MUCH CHRISTMAS UGLINESS going on! it was impressive - the winner of the ugly christmas sweater award (based on popular vote) was a fellow who had a cosby sweater covered in tinsel with a print of an earnest looking dog staring out of his chest (wreathed in tinsel, of course).

i love that you love christmas. my co-worker and i have been listening to christmas music practically every day this month, which would cause some people to jump out the window.