Tuesday, August 30, 2011

such an infamous freedom, such a militant peace...

i just can't get enough of this (not at all recent) beautiful song lately. two gallants, "waves of grain."

and for more beauty, take a virtual trip to wyoming. i don't think my own eyes could see it this amazingly. eric hines, "wild wyoming, a summer of sunsets and dark skies."

Wild Wyoming, A Summer of Sunsets & Dark Skies from Eric Hines on Vimeo.

i also really freaking love green tomato hot dog relish, which i have canned a metric f*ckton of this summer.
20110821. seriously, the green tomato hot dog relish is the best thing ever.

and our new perennial garden is pretty rad, too. my drawing, of which i was very proud:
20110813. i'm very proud of this drawing. part of the front yard perennial plan (tm).

and the initial planting! we've put in a couple of bushes on the corners, and it'll look better as the plants grow.
20110821. new front yard perennial garden.

i also recently made some new friends at the indiana state fair:
20110817. IN state fair (stolen from chris).

20110817. IN state fair (stolen from chris).

20110817. 14 baby pigs. pandemonium!

20110817. 14 baby pigs. hey, whatever works.

and chris ate a doughnut burger (the bun is two krispy kremes):
20110817. doughnut burger at the IN state fair.

oh, and i made a friend at the zoo, too. oh, buddy!
20110813. OH, BUDDY!!!

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