Sunday, August 21, 2011

long time, no see... video version...

it has been a wild, awesome, fantastic summer. things just keep getting better.

rather than recount all the awesomeness (and since this blog morphed into a blog of general-awesomeness-and-things-i-like quite a while ago), we'll just go with that. music that makes me smile. things that are pretty/quirky/hilarious/just plain wrong. this will have to be the video version. photos to come in a future post, i think.

matt and kim, "daylight." i dare you not to smile.

jay-z with a cat in the back of a dirty restaurant i would probably frequent.

soul train! i want to dance and dress like EVERY PERSON in this video.

elliott smith, "angeles." it makes me miss him to listen to this.

i've recently been introduced to old school star trek - just finished the first season two nights ago! this is a clip of george takei (aka sulu) being freaking awesome.

john hopkins is pretty rad, too - "insides," live at the ICA. a friend turned me onto him recently.

and please, please, please - if you are reading this, PLEASE click the following link and select "i am under 21." i promise you will not be disappointed at the magic that ensues: black acre brewing co.

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Anon said...

Oh my God, that last link is AMAZING.