Thursday, March 3, 2011

without sound, who would i be?

it's maybe a little weird, but music is ALWAYS something i don't think twice about spending money on, traveling for, whatever. i almost, ALMOST bought tickets for the flaming lips' new years show this past year. the only thing keeping me was the insane car ride back the day after and then having to go back to work. i bought tickets to see jeff mangum of neutral milk hotel (anti?)stardom in new jersey this october with a very special friend of mine with little extra thought. and ARCADE FIRE is playing a show at an outdoor indy venue soon, and tickets go on sale this saturday. you'd better bet i will be sitting at my computer all queued up at 9:55 am.

so i just bought two tickets for chris and me to see these dudes play in indy on april 1: das racist. i pretty much love the ridiculousness, and i can't imagine missing this show. it's rare that indy would get a show when chicago doesn't - but aw, yeah, das racist, you know where the honeys at.

i also scanned in some old photos last night - from, like, a decade ago. weird - those times define me in a lot of ways, but they also seem SO LONG ago. here i am with sparky, the stuffed animal bighorn sheep one of our volunteers at rocky mountain national park gave me on my last day of work, in moab on the drive back to SF.
2002. arches np with sparky, the bighorn sheep.

the summer of 2002 was a happy one. i hiked roughly 30 miles a week on my days off at rocky mt. np. this is me hiding in a rock shelter someone built on top of mt. chiquita, rocky mountain national park. my parents have this pic framed at their house.
2002. hiding from the wind on top of a mountain in colorado.

a somewhat unfoggy view from my house in san francsico towards the ocean.
2002. the standard view from the sf apartment.

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