Tuesday, March 1, 2011

latest projects of the life variety...

looking for houses. looking for jobs. eating salads and dishing about the latest haps. planning art opening trips. planning gardens. feeding the worms. living more sustainably. and knitting things!

this is an accurate representation of me at my house on any given night (oh, and my new favorite sweater - knitted with the girl friday pattern and eco wool).
20110220. girl friday sweater. in action.

a cozy winter sweater... just in time for spring. that's how i roll.
20110220. girl friday sweater.

20110220. girl friday sweater.

also, for my mom's 60th birthday, i had her pick out a pattern and yarn color for whatever sweater she wanted. she picked the melrose peacoat, a wonderfully easy, fun, quick pattern. it fits her BEAUTIFULLY - although, sadly, i didn't get a pic of her in it when i gave it to her a couple of weekends ago. still, here it is, the full view:
20110209. melrose peacoat for my mom.

scrumptious, cotton-blend, bulky yarn = dream knitting.
20110209. melrose peacoat for my mom.

in other news, i will soon be snorkeling with fishies in the us virgin islands! i required a floppy sunhat for the trip:
20110215. new floppy sunhat!

and some sassy shoes:
20110215. blue shoes, red stool.

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