Monday, June 21, 2010

you can vote however you like...

okay, so i've not posted here in a while because, well, i've been a little uninspired. i have been knitting, yes. i have decidedly been making things. i just don't much feel like talking about them. but there are things i like on the interwebs, and so i'm going to share those instead. deal? deal.

danny macaskill insane bike tricks from 2009, somewhere in edinburgh.

this will never fail to make me laugh. a lot.

and i would totally have thom yorke's little alien babies. cover of joy division's "ceremony." did you know that not only did mt. st. helens erupt on my first birthday, but the lead singer of joy division killed himself on my first birthday?

okay, and i guess i'll do a massive photo log of everything i've finished from february until now, knitting-wise.

saroyan scarf, made with malabrigo. yum.
100311. saroyan scarf, made with malabrigo worsted in amoroso.

i made this from my head with yarn my mom gave me. and i love it.
100324. new ridiculous pink sweater from my own head with button neckline.

fuzzy pink.
100324. new ridiculous pink sweater from my own head with button neckline.

ruffles are nice, right?
100327. this yarn is so super soft.

pumpkin baby blanket for my friend, emily's, soon to be pumpkin.
100509. pumpkin baby blanket.

baby overalls, organic cotton, for my nephew.
100510. go-go-gadget overalls.

and another pair for baby ilan, sibyl's wee one, in germany. crossing borders, yo!
100513. baby overalls front.

in action!
sibz and ilan in his new knitted overalls.

and i bought a gorgeous new painting from my talented friend, jeremy brightbill. it has hair and tea in it!
100513. new painting, a la jeremy brightbill!

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